Japanese police to launch probe into phone scam in Thailand


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Thailand is a well known paradise for yakuza thugs and the less desirable segments of Japanese society in general.

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Sorry but... in Pattaya... the mafia is Russian, not yakuza.

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I’m sure this have been reported to them many times. I wonder what they have done then.

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@John Beara

Start reading the news on Thailand and I will read your ‘informed opinions’

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It only took them three weeks to get their crap together. These lowlifes are long gone by now. They’ve packed up all their stuff, deleted all their hard drives and phones and are back in society. This investigation should have started immediately and should have been done in silence. Waiting yhree weeks and announcing the investigation to the media is just a PR stunt.

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yeah my bad.... i forgot the Yakuza Burger shop lmao

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Luckily for them the media cooperated in hiding their faces, so this ugly octopus will be free and unhassled to evolve some more.

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Lindsay, I suspect they are still in detention.

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