Japanese road builders face record price-fixing fine


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The companies, all headquartered in Tokyo, are suspected of forming the price-fixing cartel several years ago. Market prices of asphalt are used as a reference when the central and local governments set bidding prices for constructing roads.

Someone in these companies probably figured that had to stop giving their cut to the proper authorities.

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The amusing thing is some months ago I read a comment posted on another JT article regarding "Government spending to stimulate the economy" the commentator pointed out that the money going to these infrastructure companies was a rort - looks like he was right I wonder how many other companies have been rorting the taxpayer dollar.

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Where's the part of the story about people being arrested? The illicit activities were repeated, extensive and prolonged and involved huge amounts of money. Or does white collar crime pay more than ever these days?

Anyway, 60 billion yen imposed on 8 companies is pretty small, given the size of the market.

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And who is arrested and in jail?

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It is about time! Finally a sizable fine that will definitely deter these construction companies from price fixing in the future.

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Corruption, construction, who would ever suspect?

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Its not just that, I really wish someone is looking at deliberate delay and work sabotage habits too.

As cyclists I see some amazingly long and pointless road constructions going on in Tokyo, especially yamate dori.

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As cyclists I see some amazingly long and pointless road constructions going on in Tokyo, especially yamate dori.

That’s another, separate crime. But truly a shame and a sham.

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Japan Fair Trade Commission or in other words American Fair Trade Commission.

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The same practice is rampant in other sectors of the construction industry, a mainstay of funding for the LDP and a reason that foreign companies are closed out of this market.

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LDP / Construction Inc rule.

Nothing can happen in Japan in anything remotely connected to public works projects (and major private) without collusion within the cosy world of cartels and govt.

Insane wastage of the people's money.

As others mentioned - where are regular the police / prosecutorial raids on corporate HQs, the seizing of documents, the taking in for questioning / arrest of culprits???

Should be happening often - not just the, "One in a long time obligatory case to keep the minders happy".

Japan Inc runs Japan like a private company, and the Construction World is the lubricant for smooth running.

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 If finalized

para 2

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Is this really considered price fixing? Gas companies do it all the time.

Waste of tax payers money? I come from New York. They have been fixing the same section of the FDR from since I was a kid in the 90's up to this very day. The construction still isn't finished. One repair takes 20 years in New York. That is what I call a waste of tax payer money.

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I wonder if they will look at the steel industry and concrete industry next? as they both have a major input in to road, rail, and building construction

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As cyclists I see some amazingly long and pointless road constructions going on in Tokyo, especially yamate dori.

I'm a cyclist too but I have a comparative reference: Britain. Generally, things get done much faster in Japan than Britain and there is more attention to the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in Japan than in Britain.

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