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Japanese ruling party lawmakers questioned over fundraising scandal


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Yet another suspended sentence on the making.

To steal public money has no consequences.

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Prosecutors have started questioning ruling Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers on a voluntary basis in connection with a political fund scandal involving the LDP's largest faction,

How gracious of the prosecutors.

No involuntary detention and sleep deprivation and obsessive questioning for these mandarins.

Japanese two-tier injustice system strikes again.

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I don't know about this current situation but often "on a voluntary basis" for lesser folk is like an offer you can't refuse. On this rarefied level, once publicly detained the prosecutors could lose face by then releasing while the detained is named, and possibly shamed (though politicians often have no shame), so it is better for all concerned to have it as "voluntary." However, deals are being done behind the scenes and prosecutors can abandon the case if they mysteriously don't think they have one. A citizens panel can force a trial but it rarely works out once the system has agreed a deal behind the scenes. It's all pretty much a performance.

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Seriously, someone needs to be booted out of government and jailed. This nonsense is bad enough when the economy is good but beyond unforgivable when people are fighting to just survive. As for prosecutors questioning lawmakers on a voluntary basis, try stealing a rice-ball from a convenience store and see how voluntary your participation in the legal process will be.

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Well of course they need first class plane seats, five star hotels, limousines, expenses to come to Tokyo.

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It's all Kabuki, of course, while the people go back to work on Monday and pay their rising taxes.

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StefanToday  08:43 am JST

Well of course they need first class plane seats, five star hotels, limousines, expenses to come to Tokyo.

Well of course. Luckily there are loyal serfs ready to fund all that by generously buying fundraising party tickets.

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What is the purpose, function, guidelines parameters, to this investigation?

To gather evidence to/of an alleged offence, to obtain information for a future prosecution?

All appears a tad half hearted…..

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office's special investigation squad is looking into the case as a possible violation of the political funds control law.

Vague and ambiguous, narrow.

What was the purpose of this alleged slush fund?

Simply for personal gain?

For present/future LDP candidates access to funds necessary creating an advantage over opposition parties?

To distort, undermines the principle of open and fair election process?

Bottom line, slush funds threaten/undermine the integrity of democratic governance

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This is bad. This money served to do what ?

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