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Japanese supercomputer venture chief arrested for alleged fraud


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Is anyone else NOT surprised?

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Padding is called profit and if the government paid for it then it I'd their own problem. Unless they defrauded something saying x worked for 10 hours but only 5.

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Someone didnt have friends in high places or didnt cough up a big slice to said person.

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on suspicion of defrauding a governmental institution of 431 million yen in subsidies.

There's another one.

But ask yourself - irrespective of whether fraud has occured or not - how do you as a tax payer feel about 431 million yen of our money in this instance getting dished out as subsidies?

Why the special privilege for so many favoured interests? 

Why don't we just demand government eliminate all privilege, and aim for a society in which all people work for their living like (what I both suppose and hope is) the majority of tax payers?

This should be the real story. These scandals can only occur because the politicians and bereaucrats build up some programs with our money to secure their own power.

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So whats the crime here?..I dont get it.

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Expressing his ambition to complete a next-generation supercomputer in two years ahead of other countries, Saito said in the magazine, "We need about 30 billion yen for that so we have to think about how to finance it."


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