Japanese woman shot during robbery in Cambodia


A Japanese woman was shot in the left thigh as she resisted two men trying to steal her handbag in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Japanese embassy sources said Sunday.

TBS quoted an embassy spokesperson as saying the incident occurred Saturday night. The 33-year-old woman, identified as Sakiko Takayanagi, and her younger sister had arrived in Cambodia on Saturday afternoon for a holiday. As they were walking near a market in the center of the city, two men approached them. One grabbed the woman's handbag and when she resisted, the second man shot her with a pistol, police said.

The woman was taken to hospital but her injuries are not life-threatening, an embassy official told TBS. The two men escaped with the woman's handbag.

A Japanese man was shot dead in Phnom Penh in March and the embassy has issued an alert to Japanese visitors to be careful.

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Sheesh. Good on her for the spirit of trying to resist, but be careful people. Japanese in particular are often targeted because they carry large amounts of cash instead of traveller's cheques. Mind you, there's a lot more precious in a bag than just cash -- passport, for starters. I hope she is okay and is helped by the Cambodian government. Japan has donated a LOT to Cambodia in the past, so hopefully they take due measures to make sure this woman and others are safe.

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I have always heard from people that Siem Reap where Angkor Wat is is safe and good to go to but Phnom Penh is roughing it. It is one of the most dangerous big cities in Asia. I am glad the woman is ok.

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Poor girls. I wouldn't be holding my breath with the Cambodian police.

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Sheesh! Why not just flash the gun to end resistance?

Hope she recovers quickly and recovers her things and the shooter finds kharma.

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In other countries, situational awareness becomes paramount. Hope this lady recovers quickly.

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These incidents are probably rare, but they'd make me think twice about visiting this country.

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@ Stan Dingback - I will be teaching my daughter that "situational awareness" is paramount in EVERY country. Sure - some places are more dangerous than others - but you have to be super careful everywhere. Yep, absolutely including Japan. (Myself and Mrs Des have been complacent here too and been victims of crime - admittedly not shot though.) Hoping and praying for a full recovery for this poor young woman.

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These incidents are probably rare, but they'd make me think twice about visiting this country.

In March of this year, a Japanese man was also shot. He died from his injuries. Incidents of robbery at gunpoint are actually not that unusual in Phnom Penh.

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An article was recently published explaining how Japanese need to be more alert overseas, and not—for example—fall asleep on trains.

However I don’t think this was their fault, and robberies are usually not done with guns, but usually with knifes if anything. Generally you can feel safe if you are just able to get some distance away from the attacker. Even with guns, fewer robbers are willing to shoot-to-kill than to just do harm. Luckily her attackers were in the majority of the minority.

It’s unfortunate that a happy trip to such a nice place had to turn into such a disaster.

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I have been to Cambodia many times. I know many Cambodians and I have never felt any danger.

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I have been to Cambodia many times. I know many Cambodians and I have never felt any danger.

I am glad you did not. You have a 100% record of not being in danger and this lady has a 100% record of being shot while visiting Cambodia. It is probably reasonable to expect that most visitors to Cambodia will not get shot, but that you have a much higher chance of getting shot than if you visit Japan.

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Unfortunately, the Japanese have a poor sense of 'safety' Walking around Phnom Penh at night is risky unless in a group. I have never been robbed but I put this down having a ultra cautious sense of danger having grown up in a city where getting robbed,beaten or abused is fairly commonplace.

Cambodia is cheap but requires a bodyguard or to remain in a group...

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Japanese are high targets not only in Cambodia. Best to not carry valuables around. If confronted, you won't lose much if you leave important things at the hotel safe. Let the robber take whatever and keep your life.

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I have been to Cambodia many times. I know many Cambodians and I have never felt any danger.

As have I. It is a wonderful country with many wonderful people. However, the fact remains that robbery at gunpoint is not that uncommon, especially in Phnom Penh. There is a large difference in getting robbed in Cambodia and getting robbed in, say, Thailand. In Thailand, you might get roughed up or threatened first. You might even see it coming and be able to get away before the trouble catches up with you. In Cambodia, the pistol comes out quickly. If you do not do as demanded, so do the bullets. It is best to understand this if one is planning to visit what is otherwise an amazing place to visit.

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She was very lucky not to have been shot in the chest, stomach or head. Hopefully she will recover without any mobility problems.

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