Japan's top gangster at risk of Al Capone-style fall: experts


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Question is, is there a Japanese Elliot Ness who can take these powerful criminals down?

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Tax evasion? I hear tax evasion!

Can't he and his yakuza buddies be charged with a little more than that?

I mean, how much does he get for this "crime"? (off the record: he is definitely not the only one who committed this "serious offense").

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Like the Italian Mafia and Chinese triads, the yakuza engage in everything from gambling, drugs and prostitution to >loan sharking, protection rackets and white-collar crime. “Taxation is a very effective way to control the mafia, and it’s used worldwide,” lawyer Hideaki Kubori,

All of those criminal economic activities are ok, but don't you DARE not give the government a cut of your revenues!

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The rival gang could try to use that information to bring down their former boss by supplying it to police, he added.

My guess is that he would supply it to the media, rather than the police given their ties with organized crime.

“As far as there are memos showing when and how much cash was passed to him, the tax evasion charge would stand,”

These memos would presumably show not only 'when' and 'how much,' but also more interestingly 'from whom.' I am sure the list would contain more than a few names of high profile individuals with substantial political clout, which makes the possibility of the rival faction divulging these records seem all but non-existent.

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"Japan's top gangster at risk of Al Capone-style fall"

Not any time soon!! :-D

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Authorities have been cracking down on the long-tolerated yakuza

Really? I wouldn't say that at all... I guarantee you nothing will change

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They must have intercepted his "my number" in the post and linked his bank account to it.

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"Japan's top gangster at risk of Al Capone-style fall: experts" Blar Blar Blar, Way to much back scratching and brown envelopes being past around, maybe a lower level will fall on his sword but this old boy aint going nowhere. imo

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No matter how big a gangster these Japanese gangsters think they are, all they can do is rob from their own brothers and harm their own people. None have the guts to lift a finger against the oppressing occupiers of okinawa and other military bases throughout Japan.

You call that a gangster? Please.....

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I find it amusing how tax evasion appears to be used frequently to take down the baddies. At least they can get him for something.

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Question is, is there a Japanese Elliot Ness who can take these powerful criminals down?

Once you follow the money, you never know what you're going to get. I wonder if it's possible to have a prosecutor who is willing or able to do such things. Someone here must know the recent history and can explicate. But the Japanese yakuza is one of the, if not the, biggest in the world in terms of economic power. Lots of money and, I guess, deep (into political institutions) tentacles?

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"Tsukasa, who is known for donning expensive Italian suits"

His parents maybe never taught him the value of money.

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When FBI had been tried to crack down bootleggers Mafia whose business are smuggling alcoholic drinks from Sicilly to USA. all the time because none of arrested Mafias told anything and Top of top Capone was enjoying American life. Scicilly based Mafia has an honor code, Omerta. FBI had been failing and failing. IRS has nothing to do with any LEA. So it audited Capone's books and arrested him for tax evasion. It was prohibition era. Lfe Lter year, he was convicted. Not as a crime boss but for tax evasion.

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Hmmm why am I not surprised? His kind deserve to be in prison anyway! No sympathy from me.

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How can you tax illegal income?

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the yakuza engage in everything from gambling, drugs and prostitution to loan sharking, protection rackets and white-collar crime.

The White Collar crimes are committed deviously in any modern society. Embezzlement, Insurance / Mortgage Fraud, Money Laundering and the layering-concealment of the source from those illegal funds are done by well educated guys in 3-piece suits. This is what makes the Yakuza scary.

Does Japan's gov have an organized financial crimes bureau to counter the Yaks white collar crimes??

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@Open MindedOCT. 21, 2015 - 11:39PM JST How can you tax illegal income?


Tax collecting Agencies are not law enforcement agency. It does not matter legal or illegal. They are never cops. They concentrate in collecting money as their education is in accounting, not pistol shooting or how to use handcuffs,

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@Toshiko. You're correct. But FINCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) in the US, is actually a federal law enforcement agency focused on tax evaders & white collar crimes.

I was just wondering if the japanese government have a similar counterpart- but unlike the IRS. More like FINCEN.

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In prohibition era, only FBI was investigating in USA. Capone was sentenced heavier than murderers. He was not perdoned and died1947 in Florida, His Lt took over mafias in Chicago.

In Japan, like you wrote, White color crime, Yaks are not in crime that need brain. What they do is defined as Sokaiya. Yak who are cute and who know Math well (usually they are hanafuda dealers) are assigned They appear at stockholders meeting and yell Approve or Oppose, Of cause some stockholders pay fees to oyabun.

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None have the guts to lift a finger against the oppressing occupiers of okinawa and other military bases throughout Japan.

On weekends I bet you drive around in a black van with loudspeakers.

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If the rival faction really have such information I expect it would implicate some politicians. As such, we can expect the police to clamp down hard on the rival faction, rather than do anything about the alleged tax evasion. Let's see what happens.

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@ Sensei, Unfortunately I have no need to do anything of the likes, I live in the UK, City of Westminster London, I am not even remotely effected by such happening the world over.

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"Does Japan's gov have an organized financial crimes bureau to counter the Yaks white collar crimes??"

Japan's top Japanese gangster of Japan, a rigidly hierarchical, politically and religiously, and corporate connected, organised crime male dominated exclusively Japanese long term historical group; highly integrated into Japan.

"Satokata Takahashi was a retired major of the Imperial Japanese Army and member of the Black Dragon Society. According to FBI reports he was the instigator behind the Pacific Movement of the Eastern World, working through Ashima Takis"


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so will he die of syphilis like Big AL?

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Capone did not die with syphllis. He was incarcelated in 1931 and died on old age in 1947. Unlike some time ago in Japan, syphilis was not spreaded in USA and it is not the reason Mafias died. Either they were killed or stroke or heart attack. Unlike later Mafia , his hobby was bootlegging but not women, He was a Mafia. Fooling women are taboo and that was why he died in old age, unlike some whose bodies were found in drum cans floating on Atlantic Ocean

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@misunderstood; He died with old age, Are you baidoku patient ???

Moderator: Al Capone did not die of old age.

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Japan has own law so zeimusho must be planning to collect income and business tax just like IRS did against Capone. Any greedy oyabuns create snitches and indited

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