Jewelry worth Y7.5 mil stolen in Tochigi


Police said Monday that jewelry items and accessories valued at 7.5 million yen were stolen from a store in Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture early Sunday morning.

According to police, at around 3:10 a.m., a newspaper delivery man called 110, and reported hearing noises coming from the store and seeing shadowy figures inside, Sankei Shimbun reported.

Police found the door shutters smashed and said that about 100 items, including rings and necklaces, had been stolen from the showcase. There were no burglar alarms and security cameras, Sankei reported

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No burglar alarms or security cameras? In this day and age? Surely that will void their

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"There was no burglar alarms and security cameras, Sankei reported"

HUH!? Insurance may not cover this one. That bit sounds like negligence. I cant imagine a jewlry shop with no alarm. Sounds like a dirty business.

Either inside job, if the burglars didnt trip the alarm or black market goods, if NO alarm.

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Sounds a little fishy to me. But hey, if the owner of a jewelry store doesn't have security cams or an alarm, then he was asking for it, You snooze, you lose. Stupidity is expensive, huh?

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Thats why they robbed the store,a thieves invitation these days.

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Yakuza hit

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I cant imagine a jewlry shop with no alarm.

I don't know that it's like in Japan, but in a large number of countries worldwide, passers-by will ignore a house or shop alarm going off. I wonder if there's a point in having alarms, because 99.9% of the time people seem to believe it has gone off by accident.

Also, cameras again aren't much use if the thieves wear masks.

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As an amendment to the above, if you can have an alarm linked to the police or a private security firm it's definitely worth it then. Assuming it's affordable.

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Store owner's negligence. Burglar's fault.

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"jewelry worth Y7.5 mil"

I was going to say something is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it, but in this case they weren't willing to pay for it, lol.

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