JR Central official allegedly leaked maglev bidding info to Obayashi


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Anonymous sources = fake news.

Bid rigging is pervasive in Japan. A few automatics parts makers have been/are under investigation in the US for anti-trust actions. Nothing new or shocking here.

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Fire the JR employee. Ban Obayashi from the job. Move on.

Best solution but it won't happen.

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J. Inc just can't break the mould.

Collusion can happen anywhere (and does), but the seemingly ubiquitous nature of the beast here, after so many revelations in recent years, indicates clearly who rules.

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Probably promised a nice cushy job on his retirement. SOP J.Inc.

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Back hand dealing in japan No! Oh say it aint so!

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Fire the JR employee. Ban Obayashi from the job. Move on. Best solution but it won't happen.

You can't "ban" Obayashi now that the work is already under way. It was a criminal offense, meaning that someone is potentially facing charges and potentially jail time as well. Yeah it's a "white collar" crime, but it's a big one.

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With rising taxes, apartment bubble cost, children education cost, looking after senile relatives, Luis’s Vuitton bags, family holidays in Waikiki, ¥40000 new year lunch boxes...a medium sized brown envelope can do wonders in perpetuation. Givim a break!

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This happens everywhere worldwide, the technicians that check the bids can always check the competitor price so someone else gives a lower bid. But how can you prove it? A simple call saying “Hey mitsubishi has 10 trillion yen, put your bid to 9.7 trillion.

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