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JSDF private arrested for threatening 12-year-old girl in Gunma


A member of the Japan Self Defense forces (JSDF) was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly threatening a 12-year-old girl in Gunma Prefecture last September. According to police, Private First Class Yuji Takahashi, 25, who was assigned to the JSDF base in Gunma Prefecture, sent a threatening message to the girl on Sept 29 last year after she refused to go on a date with him.

Police said Takahashi and the girl got acquainted through an online gaming service and he kept asking her out. Takahashi then allegedly sent an email message to her cell phone in which he said: “I'll kill you if you don't meet me today.” Takahashi has admitted to the allegation but told police he didn't know the girl's age.

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“I’ll kill you if you don’t meet me today."

I have never tried that pick-up line!!!

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To meet a predator, Japan style.

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To paraphrase numerous posters of late -- "What kinds of low-lifes and sickos are they letting into the JSDF these days?" Or, "they must be really scraping the bottom of the barrel for recruits". Or, "keep them all on their bases so they cannot threaten the safety of young Japanese women." But, those rants were only about U.S. servicemen -- when they went astray. It's different when it's a 25 year-old Japanese military guy preying on and threatening a 12 year-old girl -- right? Then he's just one bad apple, not representative of the whole group. It must be, because this incident took place over 6 months ago, and is just now coming to light.

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rjd jr, Be careful! That was almost a negative comment pertaining to something Japanese!

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Why, jerseyboy, I partly agree with you! I think military people all over the planet are more or less the same. As in: not the brightest bunch, with a tendency to solve problems by violence.

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“I’ll kill you if you don’t meet me today.”

always the way to a womans heart.

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Sarcasm123 - yes, millions of citizens globally serving in the military of their respective countries are all mentally deficient. You win the internets!

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I'll bet my summer bonus we won't see Japanese protesting about this incident...

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And funnily enough the first advert we see after reading this story is one advertising a dating service.

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a couple of things:

Is it legal for a 12 year old to use gaming web sites here? I think in the west you have to be of a legal age. If it is not perhaps that is why it took so long to come to the surface

From his point of view what does it matter his age - making these kind of threats is not acceptable whether she be 12, 22, 52 or 102...
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Gee! I wonder how many days of REFLECTION will the Commander of all JSDF will impose and place all JSDF personnel on CURFEW for this incident

OOH! I sorry miltary crimes commited be JSDF is not worthy of any type of action

Days of REFLECTION/CURFEW only applies to US Military Personnel assigned to Japan

I guess this screwup will get promoted to Sergeant or Higher and his way out of this is to plead 10,000 Gomen-nasais

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the JSDF sould have properly screened the guy and found out that he was capable of verbally assaulting a minor while playing final fantasy XI

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Deepair65 lots of onlinge games have no age limitation, for all i know they played on neopets.

No but because it is an adult and a minor makes it more severe. it does not matter that the girl was 12, it does matter that she said no and he kept pushing, it seems that he cannot follow orders

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So, will there be a restriction of all JSDF and civilians, hell, the whole town be restricted and can't leave their homes? I just had to say it.

Of course this gets zero press. No need. It's OK for a J-military person to threaten a 12 year old.


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Double standard...but most j-people wouldnt be able to recognize as such

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