Judge delays ruling in Japanese businessman case


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It's the "unemployed former businessman". Anyway, when he gets the bill from this Geragos fellow, he might opt to stay in jail.

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In Japan you are presumed innocent, not... You for the most part are presumed guilty, so that stated, this guy has run from justice long enough. Kill your wife and do the time. Feel sorry for your kids, if any, and your relatives, if any. You are pathetic.

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where would he do time if convicted? Would the US tax payers pay for his jail time or would he be extradited back to Japan where he would stand trial and be released again?

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Well cwhite, he is assumed to have commited the crime on US soil, so just like the story of the Mexican national that was convicted of rape/murder in California in the 90s he's gonna be punished in the US for committing a crime in the US. It is kind of strange though because the US is convicting Miura because the law changed recently where they apparantly could not convict him when they tried to. Well, hopefully justice is served and has perhaps caught up with him.

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"In Japan you are presumed innocent, not" Well said! At least now he's getting the benefit of due process according to established legal rules. Not case by case hunches based on how constipated the police and prosecutors feel that given day, like in Japan. Amazing what transparency will do!

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