Kanagawa cop busted for riding motorbike while drunk


Kanagawa prefectural police said Thursday that a police officer who rode a motorcycle in Yokohama while under the influence of alcohol has resigned after being suspended from duty for six months.

According to police, the 22-year-old officer was drinking in the early hours of the morning of Dec 5. Fuji TV quoted police as saying that the officer then rode his motorbike home but was pulled over by police for a routine DUI check, which he failed.

Police said the officer resigned on Christmas day.

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Seems like he did the right thing. Hope he doesn't hurt himself or anyone else.

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I almost never see DUI checks in Japan.

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In Japan the term "Drunk Driving" is not as it might be recognised in the west as in Japan any trace whatsoever of alcohol is deemed to be drunk driving even if you are as sober as a judge.

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I almost never see DUI checks in Japan.

Same here. Must have been really bad.

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I was stopped 4 times in the same place on different days by the same JP a few years back,after the second time we just chatted,luckily I was never drinking on those encounters,also they used to ask you to blow your breath to see if you were drunk lol

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At least he will not go on to become a bad cop harming others.

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Japan has the equivalent of drunk driving and driving under the influence as a lesser charge (for trace amounts of alcohol)...unless the system has changed recently.

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