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Kanagawa man, 40, held on suspicion of stabbing parents


Police on Wednesday arrested a 40-year-old man on suspicion of stabbing his parents at their home in Sagamihara City. According to police, Makoto Kasai was initially arrested for driving without a license when he was picked up in Yokohama.

Kasai's father, Takumi, 73, was found earlier in the evening, dead from stab wounds in the neck, while his wife Yaeko, 65, sustained serious injuries from cuts to the chest and upper body. Police later changed the charges to murder and attempted murder after Kasai admitted to stabbing his parents.

Police said the suspect lived with his parents. After his mother reported the attack, Kasai was stopped while driving a vehicle registered to his father. Police said they also confiscated a blood-covered knife that was found inside the vehicle.

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Here we go again!!!!!

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Its that time of year.....

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What an idiot! 40 year old looser, still living with his parents? Then goes and kills his father? May this looser burn in hell for all of eternity amen! RIP old dad.

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this guy just SNAPPED. How many more are out there, waiting to blow?

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40 year old looser

looser than what?

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