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Police officer arrested for theft after using elderly man’s cash cards


A 24-year-old Kanagawa prefectural police officer has been arrested on suspicion of theft after he stole two cash cards from a man in his 80s and then withdrew money from his account. Police said the officer, Kazuya Kaburaki, who works in the traffic division, has admitted to the allegations and quoted him as saying he needed money because he was in debt from playing pachinko.

Kaburaki is accused of conspiring with another man, who placed a phone call to their victim by pretending to be an officer on Oct 7, Sankei Shimbun reported. The victim, who lives in Yokosuka, was told by the bogus officer that an apprehended suspect in a bank transfer scam admitted to withdrawing money from his (the victim’s) account. The caller told the elderly man that a police officer would visit him that day to make sure his cash cards were in order.

Kaburaki showed up at the man’s house and asked to see his cash cards. He then managed to swap the two cards for fake ones in an envelope which he handed back to the victim, who was unaware of the switch.

Kabauraki then left with the real cash cards and withdrew 500,000 yen from an ATM inside a convenience store in Yokohama City.

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Unsurprising news. The Japanese police seem to be frequent law breakers themselves. All the autonomy and power they possess has distorted their views on law.

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Two questions -

Kaburaki got the victim to give him his PIN number?

How did he get caught? ATM security camera?

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Kaburaki got the victim to give him his PIN number?

Old people can be very lax with their PIN numbers. A friend told me recently about her 90-year-old mother who stormed out of the bank in a blind fury because the bank assistant helping her to work the ATM insisted that she key in her PIN number herself while the assistant looked away.

Kabauraki probably asked for the PIN numbers to 'verify' that the cards were safe, or something. And the victim complied because a policeman is a figure of authority.

Invalid CSRF

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So much for cashless 'security'.

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Cop version of the "Ore Ore" scam.

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The bar just keeps getting lower, to any newbies to Jland, avoid the boys in blue dont even go in a koban for directions.

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 he needed money because he was in debt from playing pachinko.

But, but, but, gambling is illegal in Japan and there are no problems with gambling addiction, de sho? (roll eyes)

there was a very similar case of a cop using and elderly person’s bank cards just a few months ago.

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Honestly, what good pachinkos do to this society?

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What a shame can't even trust a police office where is Japan heading?

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Not sure how the copper expected to get away with it in the long run

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What a shame can't even trust a police office where is Japan heading?

Down the drain.

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One good thing about Japan police unlike in the US, is they seem to be willing to go after their fellow police when they've broken the law. In the US, they will lie to cover up their "brothers'" wrongdoing, and the Internal Affairs division (the group that attempts to go after bad cops) is looked at as a bunch of rats.

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Right on the mark, excellent comparison.

You deserve 4 1/2 ⭐️ out of 5.

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Police officer didn't get balls at pachinko parlor.

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And people wonder why I along with many other foreigners don't trust the Police. And this isn't the first time these types of criminal acts were carried out by police. Not only here though.

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