Kansai Electric ordered to improve operations after bribery scandal


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And all the other nuclear power plants in Japan were built without bribing the locals, right?

6 ( +6 / -0 ) dramatic executive arrests for the managment then?

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Bribery scandal still well and alive in Japan, just like the old days!!

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They just got a slap on the wrist for bribery? Justice for some I suppose.

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How can such a big company do this ???why is no one proshucuted and jailed yet ???.

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All the power companies paid the local communities billions of yen every year in order to host their nuclear plants.

Kansai power force to shut two reactors which don't meet the new regulations to protect them against terrorism. Same with Kyushu power who too have to shut down two reactors for the same reason.

Over the past eight decades all of the power companies have filled the pockets of the LDP.

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Maybe change the brown envelopes to bit-coins?

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Why pretend that this is a one-off example? All of these quasi-governmental organizations that provide employment for ex-bureaucrats are corrupt - as is the practice of employing ex-bureaucrats in a capacity to oversee their former ministries. A huge waste of the taxpayers' money.

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Start sending me a monthly check is a great start.

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In other news, a bear was sternly reprimanded for inappropriate use of forested sites, and His Holiness was ordered to improve his choice of religion.

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An actual order for once and not just an 'urge'!

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So not only the company but also the audit company just silently overlooked the bribery whole time...?

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But are monthly power charges are still too high. Guess we had to pay for it all.

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Confirmed, Japan is a Corporatocracy, an economic and political system controlled by corporations or corporate interests. It is a form of Plutocracy.

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Why ???.Do U mean that kansai electric was not operating correctly before this scandal. Don't all people reading this article feel that this is like a movie repeating itself , 1,000 times ???. very boring.

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