Kenya looking abroad for stolen cash, seeks cooperation from Japan, others


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Corruption flows through the veins of some of the people in countries like kenya nigeria etc, they will never ever stamp it out.

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Wait, i got an email about this. Some wealthy lawyer was going to deposit some unclaimed inheritance money into my account...

But he was actually just trying to evade tax? Wow, well i better tell him that the government is onto him. Might need to send him some more money or something. So difficult to get 100 million USD out of the country apparently!

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@originalusername ha ha ha , I got the letter ,from the son of the president of a diamond company there , and I was going to get 30 % of 75 mill $, if i give them bank, etc.

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This might be the boldest nigerian prince scam ever... the nigerian neighboring country scam. Hopefully countries aren't stupid enough to actually give them anything, not even the time of day.

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Sounds like a 419 scam....

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Apparently, a lot of corruption flows out of Kenya. Is it just cultural?

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Maybe some of the ill-gotten can be found at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue. Just check the occupant's background.

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Apparently, a lot of corruption flows out of Kenya. Is it just cultural?

yeah cultural hahaha. Corruption flows from countries where people are poor as hell. Where a politician or a police officer are entrepreneurial jobs.

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