Kindergarten teacher arrested for abusing 2-year-old boy


Police in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, have arrested a 41-year-old kindergarten teacher for abusing a two-year-old boy.

According to police, the teacher, Emiko Okada, abused the boy at Megumi kindergarten and daycare center at around 9:20 a.m. on Dec 27, by grabbing both his cheeks, slapping him, and throwing him to the floor, Sankei Shimbun reported.

The boy’s mother noticed bruises behind his ears when she brought him home. The boy also told his mother one of the teachers had hit him. On Dec 28, the boy was taken to hospital where doctors said he had suffered internal bleeding and that his injury will take about two weeks to heal.

The child’s parents made inquiries at the kindergarten and called police on Friday. Surveillance camera footage showed Okada shaking the boy.

Police said Okada, who was arrested on Saturday, has admitted abusing the boy and quoted her as saying she did it to discipline him because he wouldn’t follow the rules.

The kindergarten said they are cooperating with police to see if any other children might have been abused by Okada.

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Negative reinforcement, i.e., physical abuse, is the quickest, most effective short-term way to gain compliance from someone weaker. However, long-term it is the most damaging and results in perpetuation of abuse. It would be no surprise to find out that Okada was abused as a child.

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That is disgusting too say and just wrong. It is hard enough being an abused child as it is without people like you labelling them as abusers or potential abusers as well. Not all and very few abused children end up becoming abusers. They often are more sensitive and empathetic to the the pain, trauma and destruction abuse causes. Also do not make excuses for this women. There is no excuse for abusing a child.

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TJ. Physical punishment of the child is not negative reinforcement. Negative reinforcement is the removal of an aversive stimuli, not the application of one. The former is called punishment.

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Typo alert-the latter, not the former! (application of aversive stimuli) is punishment.

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Four things:

(1) I am in no way making excuses for the abuser.

(2) I only have sympathy for abused children.

(3) About a third of abused children will become abusers.

(4) I stand corrected about using "negative reinforcement" and appreciate the courteous correction.

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She beats up a child and then tries to justify it by talking about rules and discipline. Should be in prison and then banned from working with children and vulnerable people ever again.

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she did it to discipline him because he wouldn’t follow the rules.

And, here is yet another carer abusing those in their care. Discipline is not abuse. Discipline is discipline and abuse is abuse. Again, this has to do with education of the carers. They are not trained or educated enough to know the difference between discipline and abuse. To these idiots they are one in the same!

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"Kindergarten teacher" for a 2-year-old?

I think they meant "day care attendant".

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