Kitakyushu bar operator stabbed in 4th such attack this month


A bar owner was stabbed outside his home in Kitakyushu on Wednesday, in what police said was the 4th such attack on restaurant and bar operators in the city this month.

The 54-year-old man was quoted by police as saying he was attacked by two men at the entrance to his apartment at about 1 a.m., TBS reported. He suffered three wounds to his buttocks, police said. The two assailants fled.

Police said the bar operated by the victim has a sign outside saying gang members are not allowed in. In another stabbing incident earlier this month, a woman who operates a restaurant was stabbed while she was in a taxi. She, too, had put up a similar sign outside her establishment.

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Yakuza, now well know butt stabbers. Not sure what message they are trying to spread.

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Not sure what message they are trying to spread.

Your butt belongs to us.

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He most probably didn't pay his weekly protection money to the local mob outfit.

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Buttocks ? a mini gang?

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So this is what happens when violent groups are excluded from bars and have no outlet for venting their spleen?

What is needed is an anti-discrimination law for the Yakuza-we need to integrate these violent thugs into society and placate these violent tendencies..........

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in the arse? must be a gang of midgets in kitakyushu!

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ahh yes the "nicest people you'll ever meet" strike again... This is what Yakuza do.

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Proving that these thugs are just a pain in the arse !

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The bar owners shod send any and all the medical bills to the governors of their prefectures since they are the ones to implement and support this kind if discrimination. What the sign should read is "We welcome everyone, we just don't welcome ANIMALS"

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How many arrests have the police made following these four incidents? Presumably they know who the gangsters are and where their offices are? Why not arrest the bosses and keep them locked up for a few weeks for questioning?

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One wonders if the Bar Owners Association of Shinjuku will try doing the same thing in Kabukicho, should lead to some interesting confrontations? Good luck you Citibank staffers with your new digs, as you walk to and from Shinjuku station!

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They are after the booty!

They only wanted to warning and they are not medical professionals so instead of taking a chance of hitting a vital spot go for one of the largest masses of non-vital meat on the body.

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what a pain in the azz.

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The authorities there have been forcing the bar owners to "cooperate" with the campaign to refuse service/support to the gangs, at least so far as to demand that the signs be posted, and theoretically to bar them from entry. The yaks are making examples of some of the proprietors. The police seem able neither to protect the citizens nor to arrest the perpetrators. This was all over the TV news, which, I suppose, is just what the yaks want: the media is spreading their message of intimidation and showing that they can operate thus with impunity.

Apparently it has also happened to restaurants, who are now prohibited from catering parties or delivering food to known gangster organizations, too.

I believe that the campaign is nation-wide; but Kitakyushu is the only place I've heard of experiencing such blatant and violent responses from the yaks. Whether that's because there are more gangsters there, or because the authorities--or the yaks--are more aggressive there, or because efforts elsewhere in Japan are less aggressive on the part of one or all parties, I don't know.

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Agreed with the above posters' assessments.

Protection racket extension. Simple intimidation, spread by the media, and everyone left to fill in the blanks.

Hope the cops get fired up.

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