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Kitakyushu bar torched in arson attack


Police said Monday that a bar in Kitakyushu was torched in what appears to be the latest attack on drinking establishments that post stickers at the door telling gang members they are not welcome.

According to police, smoke was seen coming from the 42-square-meter bar on the 4th floor of a building in Kogura-Kita Ward at about 5 a.m. Monday, Fuji TV reported. The bar was closed on Sunday.

Police quoted firefighters as saying the fire was started by someone who poured oil outside the door and then ignited it.

The arson attack is the 5th incident in the past month involving attacks on bars and bar employees. In all cases, the bars had posted stickers warning gangsters not to come in.

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The gangsters in Japan are becoming more and more brazen..... times must really be tough.

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They should just start using bait and rip the "gangs" apart one person at a rime. These relics of the feudal era need to go already, rather than be protected by the very cops that are supposed to catch them.

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Sounds like the work of the YYY.

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Seems like a nice place, this Kitakyushu. Don't these people have clubhouses they can hang out at? Share stories of the golden days and what not.

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Gangsters are becoming more brazen, but don't worry. The J-police are busy cracking down on dancing and making sure kids stay in line.

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what these bars need to do when they put these stickers up is to install some live feed cameras continually monitored by a computer, motion sensors, etc.

once they nail a couple of these cretins, the campaign's chance of success increase manifold.

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Dang! I leave Japan for a few weeks and those nasty little tattooed freaks get out of line again! Relax; I will be back next week.

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