Knife-wielding man robs Aomori post office of Y10 million


A man robbed an Aomori post office of 10 million yen on Wednesday, police said. According to police, the man entered Tokubanzai Post Office in Tohoku around 3 p.m. and threatened a female employee with a fruit knife. The post office chief handed over 10 million yen to the man who then fled.

According to authorities, at the time there were no customers in the post office, and the two employees were alone. Neither were injured in the incident. Police say the man is in his 30s or 40s, about 160 centimeters tall and was wearing a green baseball cap and a light blue long-sleeve polo shirt. After he exited the post office, he jumped into a vehicle parked nearby.

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What happened to the orange paint balls they are supposed to throw at the robbers? But that was a hell of a payday for that robber, its amazing they have that much laying around a post office.

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Well, I guess they have to. The other day I was waiting for my turn and the guy in front of me withdrew 8 million yen, in cash, at the counter, had it put in a paper bag and walked out. Lately many post offices employ a guard man, mostly people of retirement age. Don't know how much of a deterrent this would be when a knife wielding guy shows up though.

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Seriously? A fruit knife? If I ever decide to rob a place in Japan, Im going to use a random, semi-jagged looking rock I find outside the place. Maybe I can get my slice of the pie that way.

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Seriously? A fruit knife?

Safety first is always the motto here. In most other countries, handing in 10m when the robber is using a knife will be considered an insider job. If you are two people, while one is giving the guy the cash, the other should be hitting the guy with a chair. It's just a knife not a gun. I think Japanese companies should start giving their female employees knife attack drills besides earthquake or fire drills. In that way jack*** like that knife guy will not be a menace to a society

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If clerks are asked to hit robbers with chairs there would need to be a comprehensive bound training manual, expensive chair hitting seminars, designated chairs for hitting, gloves designed for handling the "hitingu chair" etc.

If they are not taught (programmed) correctly they simply won't know what to do. How would they?

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I'd do the same thing and just give him the money. Why? Well...

1 It's not my money (it's not like it's going to come out of my salary)

2 I don't get paid to possibly get stabbed.

3 The police get paid to possibly get stabbed. Let them handle it.

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It's all fun and games until someone pulls a fruit knife.

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