Kobe Steel hit with ¥100 mil fine over data fabrication


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A case with hard evidence of misconduct that affected billions of dollars worth of business worldwide, and they only have to pay that much? Ghosn had to pay 10x that just for bail!

Typical bias for the J Inc side.

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That amount adds insult to injury, laughable!

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The steelmaker's defense team had sought a lenient ruling, arguing the company did not intend to secure improper financial gains through the practice.

What a load of bovine excrement! They falsified data on their products after using cheap and improper manufacturing procedures to increase profits for their company and to gain contracts. But, there were no improper financial gains? This company should be struck from the stock market, dissolved and its criminal executives jailed for fraud!

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What about the Japanese government data fabrication?

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100M Yen, less than half an hour of income for them

Japan-Inc. protects itself yet again.

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That's why companies in Japan continue to do exactly the same things they get busted for time and again, from newspapers committing slander and defamation to companies falsifying data; they make BILLIONS off the final product, and then have to next to Nothing in fines, with zero jail time or other punishment.

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No arrests, no months in detention, no jail time and a fine equating to a whopping Y2.5 million per year: that will certainly teach them!

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the company did not intend to secure improper financial gains through the practice. merely intended to secure lower financial costs through the practice. Completely different.

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Only a fine ???.Jail immediately is more accurate term for this crime, the chairman, the c.e.o, the c.o.o and the whole lot. Why not ???.Pls explain to me.

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