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Kochi government worker arrested for stalking woman


A 40-year-old man, who works for the Kochi prefectural government, was arrested on Sunday for stalking a 48-year-old woman in Kochi Prefecture. Yasumada Komatsu was arrested for allegedly stalking the woman and harassing her by leaving lingerie in front of the door of her apartment from October to December last year.

According to police, Komatsu says he fell in love with the woman at a department store where she works about two years ago, and had proposed to her. However, he has denied that he stalked the woman, police said.

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Oh I was on cough syrup and jet lag,, No No, I wanted to charge my ktai, oh no wait, I wanted to see how she lived her life, okay I mistook the apartment to my own, last be least, a Foreigner made me do it...

Caio, Tezbo

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chivalry is alive and well

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Another smooth operator "harassing her by leaving lingerie in front of the door of her apartment." Dude, flowers are better when trying to win affection.

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@Tezbo - LOL, right on!! What the heck, suspended sentences all around!!

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If he proposed to her, why should he stalk her? I don't believe this woman at all she is just using this excuse to cover her own back. He is 40 and she is 48. What an idiot he should find a girl at least 30 or 35 even 40. He must like older women.

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Romeo Romeo, please stop talking me Romeo! Even if he is innocent, he should apologize to her! He may be completely innocent, and this may be a simple misunderstanding... and she may, however unlikely, be making some of it up... but the best way to deal with this is to say he's sorry :) and no more leaving lingerie ;0

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