Kudo-kai members arrested over attack on dentist last May


Police in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, have arrested three senior members of the Kudo-kai yakuza crime syndicate over the attack on a dentist last May. Six others are expected to be arrested later in the day, police said.

The 29-year-old dentist was stabbed by a man in a parking lot in Kokurakita Ward. As the victim got out of his car, two men on a bike rode up. One of the men got off the bike and stabbed the dentist in several parts of his body. The two assailants then fled.

According to sources, security camera footage taken from near the scene of the attack is what assisted police in drawing up the charges against the gang, TBS reported Monday.

The dentist, who survived the attacks, is the grandson of the head of a fishermen’s union who was shot dead in a probable gang-related dispute in 1998. Last year, the gang's leader, Satoru Nomura, and others were indicted over the 1998 killing.

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So it's the old : " If your FAMILY is involved, they will come after EVERYBODY in your family " routine.

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WA4TKGFeb. 16, 2015 - 04:43PM JST So it's the old : " If your FAMILY is involved, they will come after EVERYBODY in your family " routine.

No. It's the new(ish) Organized Crime Countermeasures Law routine.

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Yakuza do what Yakuza do..

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Call it for what it is: gangsterdom, the Japanese original national syndicated native domestic and global: crime.terrorist.vice.drugs. payola. org (893)

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Bring back the public pillories. Putting yakuza members in prison only added to their status among their friends when they go out. If each yakuza member were sentenced to do his time in public pillory, he would be exposed to the scorn and outrage of an angry public. I propose that the gang member's name and his crime be displayed nearby. A few days of this treatment would have a greater effect than months in jail, and at greatly reduced cost.

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Given these guys obsession with hygiene, get them to shovel manure in a pig farm.

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Their Japanese only prostitution branch is deep rooted and nationwide.....

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Eek! Seems they ARE just like the films. I wonder if they growl and roll their 'r's as they shout at people who dare to look at them.

The Japanese plod really need to crack down on these gangsters... Oh wait, it's Japanese culture isn't it... we're not allowed to criticise Japanese culture in case it offends Tinawatanabe.

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Bloody hell! Poor dentist! Minding is own business, and targeted because his grandfather of all people got on the wrong side of the gangs. Hope hes doing ok

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Why do I get the feeling that no one in the gang authorized this.

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This gang must really be afraid of going to the dentist....

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it's unexcuseable so they shuld be punished.

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9 months to arrest, for crime caught on security cameras?

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