Kyoto Animation hopes to recover data from server after arson attack


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Off site backups.




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The TV news last night said they were successful in recovering data from the server.

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recovered "high school girls "

> > apart from the PC ... High school legs are nice on most girls

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You'd think it'd be faster to check before reporting that they might be able to recover it.

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 the government said it will support the rebuilding of the animation company.

a) the government said it will use public money and etc and etc.....

b) why? no fire insurance? or is arson not covered? or what! anyone know?

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also.... amazed that they don't automatically back up everything at least twice, in different locations.... obviously such a catastrophe wasn't on the radar, but this is earthquake country. anyway, good that all seems to be recoverable....

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What's not recoverable are 35 lives. Who's going to take responsibility for the building's nonexistent fire safety measures and pay compensation to the victims' families?

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Very sad and tragic event. The building constructed by the company has some serious safety faults such as the spiral stairs which quickly turned into a huge chimney spreading the flames and smoke to the upper floors.

The other rear stairs which wasn't enclosed with fire walls and doors and smoke extractors. Th problem of the fire exit to the roof.

The building was constructed according to the building and fire codes and was last inspected in Oct 2018. The company held fire drills.

The fire codes need updating following this fire bombing.

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Regular off-site backups! That's IT 101

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Important company computer work should have been backed up offsite and since the company owns several buildings not very difficult or expensive.

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It was a main server and contained many important files and all were recovered successfully.

Much generous and kind support has come to KyoAni from within Japan, from both the Anime community, other studios who are generously planning help, and the government to help support KyoAni which is a major national Cultural Heritage. The works of KyoAni are much much much much more than "high school girls"..tho the school genre is a very significant one throughout anime ..for many reasons. KyoAni is one of the very best anime studios, making superlative series, with very fine and high quality art schemes, animation and stories. Japanese animation or Anime started in 1919, and has flourished into a vast literature of stories of every possible genre, and a high level of artistry and talent. Sadly the western view of anime is skewed by lack of understanding and awareness, and the very limited nature of western esp American Animation which is far less sophisticated. KyoAni also has maintained the highest standards of support for their staff of any Japanese anime studios, offering full regular salary, support of all kinds including child care and a compassionate and caring atmosphere of appreciation and encouragement for many fine animators, many of whom got their start at KyoAni which holds classes and training for various aspects of anime production.

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What's not recoverable are 35 lives. Who's going to take responsibility for the building's nonexistent fire safety measures and pay compensation to the victims' families?

Its been mentioned many many times already, but the building was up to code and was highly regarded as quite safe. Fire safety measures are made to combat accidental fires, not incendiary bombs... Nothing short of automatic fire compartmentalization of the building would've saved those people. A sprinkler system would also have done zilch in these circumstances. A supposed 60 seconds before thick, noxious gasoline-fire smoke filled the entirety of the building.

So to answer your question:

The building has sufficient fire safety measures in place.

The accused will be the one to pay compensation to the victims' families

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@ksteer. Regarding your comment that "The building has sufficient fire safety measures in place."

I disagree. While the building may have passed the fire code at the time, the fire code is not up to standard and needs to be reviewed by the parties responsible - Kyoto City. The fact that the door could not be opened quickly means the fire code was not sufficient and also the stair case. Japan needs to start looking more in the international community to see if their codes are up to standard. We saw that Fukushima the standard was not sufficient and this tragic event also shows the fire code needs to be changed as well.

I do hope the lives lost do not instigate changes. The fire code needs to be looked at seriously.

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do not == should read "do"

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