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Kyoto Animation memorial marks 4 years since attack as trial looms


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For every incident there will be a memorial every year. Seems like it’s becoming the norm.

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The Japanese always remember and honor their dead. It's their way.

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Because of that guy now everytime we need to buy fuel for any electric generator need to fill personal information form.

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Almost three years after they found the guy fit to stand trial. That's disgusting. He should have been in court long ago, and in jail for life or hung by now.

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The attacker was in hospital with 90% burns. They thought he wouldn’t survive.

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In the USA you can buy gasoline for you lawnmowers in a plastic gasoline container.

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KyoAni made some of my favorite shows ever, and I'm not gonna lie: I want to see that guy swing.

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36 dead. Count em. RIP!!!

You cant spell Mass without the murderer bit…

The attacker

Funny way to spell, serial killer!!

Whoa, alleged serial killer?

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