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Kyoto man arrested over alleged thallium poisoning of aunt


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Still they haven't explain where he got that substance.

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Still they haven't explain where he got that substance.

Since it is still produced and used in Japan this is not something that vital for the accusation, people get controlled substances frequently for many different purposes.

Having two people related to him poisoned by Thallium is a much more rare thing to expect by chance alone.

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IMO sneaky poisoning is a disgusting, awful crime, and all such perps should swing if convicted. There was a very very case long ago where a maid tried this on a gaigin, but was terminated swiftly, due to a good suspicion and discernment of the maid.

Matthew 24:12  And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

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Ooh, this is horrid. It reminds me of the Graham Young case in the U.K. years ago. Remarkable similarities you see. Looks like a potential serial killer has been stopped in his tracks, what a cad.

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Is thalium-containing rat poison is still used in Japan? In that case, it would be easy to purchase it. Also, they don't mention what was the guy studying at Ritsumeikan, if it was a science major, he may have had access to a chemistry lab.

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Is thalium sold in grocery shops or conveny? How can ordinary person get these sruff,

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Any exterminator with a pest control licence is able to purchase thallium [rodenticide = rat poison] which is available at a pharmacy anywhere in Japan. The alleged murderer Kazuki MIYAMOTO, was 'President' of his own company, and had 3 Mercedes-Benz automobiles at his disposal (purchased with his Aunt's money, of course). He operated an 'entertainment company' on the side, and actively hunted and recruited young innocent women who wanted to begin their career working as Maiko...

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Wow he had them bleed out internally that is rat poison!

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