Large bronze statue weighing 300 kgs stolen from high school in Ibaraki


A large bronze statue weighing nearly 300 kilograms has been stolen from a prefectural high school in Chikusei, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Police said that a faculty member of Shimodate prefectural high school discovered the statue had been stolen from the grounds of the school on Monday morning. TBS reported that although the pedestal was left behind, the statue itself, sculpted to depict a man and woman, weighs approximately 300 kilograms and stands a little over one meter tall.

The statue was presented to the school to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its founding and was placed at the entrance of the school's administrative building.

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Like the episode of the Simpsons when they cut off Jebediah Springfield's head..... Guess this was done for the scrap value of the metal

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You'd need a truck with a small crane on back...

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Father: "Son, what's that in your room?"

Son: "Oh, that? I'm working on a project for school about recycling."

Father: "Do your best."

Son: "Yes, sir."

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I hope this low life is apprehended and made to pay for a new statue, then he will learn that the money he got for the metal is only a tiny portion of the amount someone paid to have it built!

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Simpsons did it!

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They should have posted a picture, so we could be on the look-out for it. Not that it's going to be lying around someplace where we could see it. Just curious as to what it looks like.

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I guess the pedestal must have been too heavy to steal.

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Check the local scrap yard!!

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Didn't like the same thing happen several mos ago?

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