Laser beam directed at cockpit of landing aircraft


Police are investigating two incidents in which a laser beam was directed at the cockpit of two All Nippon Airways (ANA) aircraft as they were landing at Itami Airport in Osaka last month.

According to police, the first incident involved a Boeing 737 plane arriving from Matsuyama at around 6:50 p.m. on Oct 17, Fuji TV reported The pilot noticed a laser beam hitting the cockpit window when the aircraft was 300 meters above the runway. The laser beam did not get in the pilot's eyes and the aircraft – with 107 passengers and crew aboard -- managed to land safely.

The second incident occurred 50 minutes later, involving an ANA aircraft which was at an altitude of 1,300 meters.

Police are investigating the incidents as a case of forcible obstruction of business.

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There should be a way to automatically trace the beam back and explode the devise emitting the beam... 007 stuff?

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Frank Thornton - please tell me that was a joke.


For the love of god, please...

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Arsehole kid perhaps?

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Idiots with a laser pointer trying to find out how far the beam can go. A device held in the hand is not stable and the laser beam is pretty much guaranteed to enter the cockpit at least PART of the time it's pointed at the plane.

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"Forcible obstruction of business" doesn't sound as heavy-penalty-yielding as "endangering an aircraft in flight" would be. If the former is an actual criminal term, it should be replaced with the latter.

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Read the same story a year ago

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shouldn't the charge be "attempted murder?"

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