Lawmaker's secretary arrested for attempted murder of friend in Osaka


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Wow. With friends like that...

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The friend initially called police to report he had been in a traffic accident but told police officers who came to the scene he had gotten into a small fight. He later told police Narimatsu had hit him with a car, the police said.

That must have been some intense questioning.

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Give em bread and water for life...

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He is being charged, , he is A state-paid secretary of a Diet member and being charged ? W T F ? Obviously doesnt rep or know the right people!

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Must be serious competition.

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The friend must have stepped on the wrong toes or was getting to powerful.

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a rather strange innovation

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attempted murder of *friend*** **in Osaka

for allegedly attempting to murder an acquaintance in Osaka Prefecture

Narimatsu is suspected of trying to kill his childhood friend

Friend, acquaintance or childhood friend? Can we please have some consistency?

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Lover's quarrel?

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Please if you are politician or part of a team of politicians, go out to get drunk in a party at night during a state of emergency issued by your own political party against a pandemy.

It seems all ok in Japan. Nothing to worry about.

Don't forget to read the most important crime of the day about the choux cream on the Bentley.

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What are friends for?

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"Lawmaker's secretary arrested for attempted murder of friend in Osaka"

That's no friend.

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