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Fringe group members arrested for obstructing rival Diet candidates' campaigns


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Sounds like a bunch of fruitcakes to me, lol

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Wow, 1,110 people actually voted for these clowns? None of you fine JT denizens I hope...

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Kurokawa posted video footage on his YouTube channel, which has 250,000 subscribers...

Bingo. That's the entire reason for their moronic behavior, and running for office in the first place. They want to make videos, get clicks, and rake in that ad money from YouTube and possibly other online video sites. I wonder if their campaign fundraising records will be examined from the stuff the police took earlier in the week. I'll bet 100yen there's some shenanigans going on there too.

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Sounds like a bunch of fruitcakes to me, lol

Have you not noticed the fruitcakes who are actually running the country?

11 ( +16 / -5 )

"opposing the consumption tax and globalism" are "fringe issues"?

They seem pretty mainstream to me.

On the other hand, as other posters have noted, "Tsubasa no To" seems to be in it for the ad revenue from YouTube and the like.

9 ( +10 / -1 )

I don't know who to trust anymore! political people always in time of elections are nice and make promises! What about Parties and back povkets money? about this three people maybe they got tired to see corruptions about taxes money spent in parties and back money pockets grom many years now and no one get arrested!

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Have you not noticed the fruitcakes who are actually running the country?

"The Gutless Fruitcakes"...could be a name for a punk group. Or the name of a new "fringe-sounding but very mainstream" Party in Tokyo. Subtitle would be "New leaders of the sheeples" ;-)

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

This was the top story on NHK's News 7. North Korea firing multiple missiles in Japan's direction this afternoon didn't even get a mention. Strange priorities.

-5 ( +3 / -8 )

Article 10 of their policy platform. Realization of a society that confronts sex head-on……….. In Japan, where the birthrate is declining, we will earnestly pass on the importance of sex and work on it.

Like promising free ice cream for life; no wonder they’ve got Nagatacho in conniptions.

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Japanese election are fringe,in America,you usually have party members running against others in election,not this proportion delusional, stopping others candidates ,Japan do not have a representative democracy

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LDP polls at 25 percent,why are they the majority party

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Japan needs more "fringe" political parties to promote change and growth in a country crumbling before our eyes due to the lack of vision and political courage on what was once an economic miracle that our greedy politicians have slowly but surely sucked the life out of our country.

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Tsubasa no To campaigns on policies opposing the consumption tax and globalism among other fringe issues.

Since when are those "fringe issues"??

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Since when are those "fringe issues"??

Since not extremists.

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LDP polls at 25 percent,why are they the majority party

This question is only asked by someone who does not understand politics. The popularity polls could put them at 0% and they would STILL be the majority party.

It's called elections!

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Since when are those "fringe issues"??

Because there are only 3 members in the party. If they had a million, it would be a front running issue and "mainstream".

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