Lecture by Japanese psychiatrist Kayama canceled due to threats


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Wonder why these right-wingers are so emboldened. Something about the current political climate kashira?

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I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do.

You make comments about a right wing group, and online sympathiser's or members threaten to harass you or to commit crimes.

So you ultimately decide to let them win instead of beefing up security or calling the police? Shouldn't the authorities be notified?

Hey why don't you try your new security law on people who make violent threats against lecturers in halls with children?

Right Wing Group 1 Tokyo City Ward 0

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Some people really need the assistance of a shrink...

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Right wingers are adept at making threats, thankfully the majority are glued to their armchairs and are unable to articulate anything of any worth in public. It's those who hold office one should be more concerned with.

Kayama is within her rights to cancel but I believe she would have made a far stronger point in carrying on and ignoring these fools.

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TH, it sounds like ward council cancelled the event and Kayama regrets the decision. And unfortunately right-wing intimidation has never remained in the armchair. There's a reason why so few Japanese want to wade into public debates. Do you remember Takashi Uemura or Hitoshi Motoshima?

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Looks like they've taken something from the pages of the violent left-wing playbook here in North America. C'mon right-wing people - be civilized and set a good example (for the left). Free speech.

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The Uyoku here are nothing more than a bunch of unemployed thugs who are being enjokosaied by the likes of Ishihara, Hiranuma, and other filth of the Nippon Kaigi. Whatever happened to free speech that the right in japan keeps harking on about since the hate speech law was enacted? This will embolden them even more. They should have been arrested for making threats.

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This country is ruled by right-wingers. They may or may not be a minority, but they are extremely vocal and practically always get their way.

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"This lecture was not focusing on human rights issues such as discrimination. This decision is regrettable," she said.

That you have to almost apologize for not focusing on lecture on human rights issues is ..unbelievable and speaks volume on the current climate in Japan.

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It's sad to see the "heckler's veto" being honored in Japan. it doesn't matter if it from the left or right, there is no good reason to use threats of violence to stop someone from speaking. If you disagree with them, there are more civilized and intellectually honest ways to do so.

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Don't give in to stupid scumbags - fight for your rights!

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I get anoyed with JT writers that dont give complete information, the basic rules of jornalism dont seem to apply. In this case What is the issue, How has this come about for example. If some one could give me the background I would much appreciate it.

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"Looks like they've taken something from the pages of the violent left-wing playbook here in North America. C'mon right-wing people - be civilized and set a good example (for the left). Free speech."

That's strange... I was going to say the same for the right wings who bring fire arms to rallies and those who have commited violence and used threats to get their way. Perhaps you do not know your right from your left, it happens sometimes.

"announced the cancelation Wednesday, saying it had received about 20 threats by email and phone"

"The welfare council said one threat mentioned the possibility of intruders barging into the lecture."

And!? Besides the children being present, there really is no reason to cancel this. And since children will be there, just have tighter security.

As I have said before, don't start nothing, but always finish it. Don't allow others to bully you, or it will just keep happening.

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J-right wingers getting it wrong 7+ decades & counting!!

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Rather than cancel and letting the nutters stifle free speech, why not just beef up security?

These bigots and thugs have always been with us, unfortunately the current political climate has emboldened them.

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Put banana skins on the floor in the main entranceway.

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Kayama’s speech was titled, “Why children’s cafeterias are necessary.”

The protests apparently were related to her criticisms of Makoto Sakurai, former chairman of Zainichi Tokken o Yurusanai Shimin no Kai (Group of citizens that do not tolerate privileges for ethnic Korean residents in Japan).

The group also known as Zaitokukai.

I don't know what the original spat between the pair was about, but apparently Kayama was unflattering, and Sakurai tweeted, "you reap what you so" back.

An awful lot in this particular dispute could be resolved in the Japanese government did not, indeed, offer privileges for ethnic Korean residents in Japan ... especially those with allegiances to Korth Korea.

Whereas I do not condone all of their actions, Zaitokukai's core argument is reasonable and fair enough, and not well communicated to Westerners, most of whom have no idea what the extent of those privileges are, and how they are exploited by very similar tactics.

In short, which is the egg and which is the chicken.

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Ah, Kayama was caught giving him or them the FU finger ...

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There’s a new law rammed through the Diet by Abe and his right-wing buddies that would be useful here. Abe’s new law makes it a crime to Plan a serious crime. I believe by sending messages saying they are going to disrupt her speech Abe’s right-wing buddies are Proving that they are Planning a serious crime.

So, where’s the Abe Gestapo?

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If the threats were by email (some), why don't they have authorities track the email and arrest those who made them? Surely this falls under the recent laws against plotting conspiracy, and/or hate, do they not? let alone plain old harassment and threats in general. But, nope! Instead to the kids, adults, and the lecturer suffer.

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"Whatever happened to free speech that the right in japan keeps harking on about since the hate speech law was enacted? This will embolden them even more."

Ah the keyword embolden, acts of the pro-nationalist, Lets see what they will gather together and do in Okinawa.

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She went to the police apparently but they simply advised her to cancel the event. When asked directly why they were cancelling her speech, the welfare council continued to repeat 'for safety reasons'.

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don't be a coward. to surrender to them types only encourages them.

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@Aly Rustom

It wasn't the Uyoku.

Just Zaitokukai. (Translation, "Group of citizens that do not tolerate privileges for ethnic Korean residents in Japan)".

I suspect what is being reported as "threats" were polite enough and lawful by Japanese standards. And a fraction of the kind of tactics some (not all) of the Zainichi Korean groups in Japan have used as part of their regular shakedowns and avoidances of the law.

Kayama lower the standard of her game and paid the price. I'd suspect the protestors made much of that to cause embarrassment.

Again, we need much better reporting of what really went on.

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An awful lot in this particular dispute could be resolved in the Japanese government did not, indeed, offer privileges for ethnic Korean residents in Japan ... 

What privileges do ethnic Koreans get? I assume you're talking about "Zainichi" Koreans. (Long term Korean residents who either came to Japan during Japan's occupation of Korea or their descendants). Is there something more than "special permanent residence" status? Honest question. I'd like to know.

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Briefly, as my time is short, it works on two levels; at the legal level and at the communal level. By communal level, I mean a) exactly the same kind of "race huckster" that goes on the USA among other communities (not proscribed by law, but using social pressures and exploiting situations under the guise or defence of "racism" to deflect criticism), b) disproportionate criminality among Zianichi Koreans, e.g. not just serving Yakuza groups but leading them and serving North Korea, and c) exploitation of the ambiguous status, e.g. everything from draft dodging to taxation avoidancy (many Yakuza leaders with Japanese names are actually Koreans and maintain links with similar crimes groups in Korea, others involved in spying for, smuggling to and earning foreign currency for NK).

It is probably the latter that have given rise to movements such as Zaitokukai.

It's not possible to accuse all Zianichi Koreans or even all Zianichi Koreans groups as there is not universal agreement between them (there are divides between North (Chongryon) and South (Mindan) allied groups, divides between assimilationists and separatists).

The problems are arising primarily from Chongryon/NK government sponsored groups. Chongryon are openly anti-Japanese while remaining in Japan, e.g. discouraging members from taking up Japanese citizenship, discouraging its members from marrying Japanese, operating banks outside mainstream society, opposing Zainichi Koreans' right to vote or participation in Japanese democracy. Yet taking money, property and land off Japanese governments to run schools and groups etc.

These are just random snapshots "taken over time" ...

Japan does not allow dual citizenship and is guarded about immigration for very good reasons. So would you if you have North Korea and China on your borders! They demand dual citizenship rights. They want all the privileges of being Japanese citizens - including social welfare of which, again, they are disproportionately recipient of - while remaining Koreans and being free of Japanese responsibilities. Naturalization is promoted by some groups, (particularly NK leaning who openly practised Juche to the extent of portraits of the Kim leadership in every classroom) as a taboo among the Zainichi population; an act of ethnic betrayal.

Zainichi Koreans are not Japanese citizens. They are Korean nationals, permanently living in Japan without holding Japanese citizenship. As with all other foreign residents they should be subjected to finger printing by immigration but they refused this. They wanted the privileges of being Japanese (many were born in Japan and so are Japanese) without accepting they are Japanese.

They demand social welfare payments which only apply to "Japanese nationals".

They demand voting rights and to stand as politicians, again without accepting Japanese nationality.

They have demanded requirements for naturalization to be lowered for them in comparison to other foreigners.

They have demanded special voting rights for themselves, as permanent foreign residents, at a prefectural level.

They demand to use aliases or other naming conventions Japanese are not, hiding their identity (two identities with which to claim benefits).

Living in Japan, they are they are exempt from taxation and other duties of citizenship, including military service for males eighteen years and above, in South Korea which is seen as the real reason they do not take Korean citizenship.

e.g. Would America allow North Koreans to stand for election in America without becoming American, and fund North Koreans schools and community centers that promoted anti-assimilation?

A nation taking pot shots at Japan with inter-continental missles?

That is how ridiculous it is.

A bit like some, but I emphasize just "some", Burakumin groups, they are also accused of exploit their "discriminated" status to contravene zoning law.

In contrast to all this, many Korean-Japanese have assimilated, married and become extremely successful in business, e.g. Masayoshi Son, chief executive officer of SoftBank (net worth $22.9 billion), and politics.

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Hammerhead, you list a lot of "demands", but few granted privileges. You also focus mainly on the North Korean group (Chongryon) group. But this group is declining in number.

Would America allow North Koreans to stand for election in America without becoming American

Would the USA demand that North Koreans change their family name to "Smith" or "Rodriguez" when acquiring citizenship?

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All readers, back on topic. Please focus your comments on what is in the story.

It is not true to suggest Japan demands name changes when acquiring citizenship. The problem in this instance is that the individuals in question are campaigning against partied, defended by the TV psychiatrist who refuse to seek citizenship for their own, usually, financial benefit.

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