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Letter by suspect in stabbing rampage carried a warning


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Sooooo, a guy get arrested for a joke tweet about a lion on the loose in Kumamoto and exactly what action was taken about this?

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Holeeeee crap. Unless this was reported and the police followed up in some meaningful way and were simply put off the trail by a lying Uematsu when questioned, someone somewhere needs to lose his or her job for failing to act on this.

This guy is an utter lunatic.

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clearly the lawmaker dropped the ball.

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There's more than one person with the blood of the 19 victims on their hands now this has come to light.

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impressive demands... he clearly lost it somewhere....

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Agree spanki. Negligence and failure to render aid (recipients/readers of this letter). How about his colleagues, mates, family etc? Clearly it wasnt the first time this guy had contemplated killing these ppl. Society has a responsibility to protect its citizens especially the most vulnerable.

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Who had received and read the letter?

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"Who had received and read the letter?"

doesn't matter , censureship is institutionalized and pushing the edges of the envelope is condemned

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This clearly is mentally ill sociopathy, but there are eugenicists like the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, who would agree.

I will pray for the victims of this madman and their loved ones.

Sheer Madness.

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Honest question- Can he really be considered 'insane' if he made a plan and specifically asked to be tried as insane? Sound like some kind of misguided hero complex

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Honest question- Can he really be considered 'insane' if he made a plan and specifically asked to be tried as insane? Sound like some kind of misguided hero complex

Good question. I'd have to say he might have pulled it off until he told lawmakers to let him off on grounds of insanity. Beforehand.

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One might think that this letter would have been viewed as a warning sign, set off an alarm bell perhaps.

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A warning which was ignored. Many are dead because of it.

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Who had received and read the letter?

@fxgai, it's not exactly clear. From the various reports on JT, I gather this is the letter he "tried" to hand in at the Diet for the Lower House speaker in February. (Suggests it wasn't handed in.) It came into the hands of the police. (Not clear when or how.) He was committed to a mental institution on Feb 19, it seems at least partly because of the contents of the letter. He was discharged in early March. (Not sure if that was at the wishes of doctors, or at the wishes of Uematsu together with legal constraints on holding him.) I've read no indication that there was any follow-up monitoring following his discharge.

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The Nazis did this after Hitler came to power. Karl Stockhausen's mother was a victim among thousands of others. Where did this man get his ideas from?

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This guy was sick and the Lower House slept on his silent threat!

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I read that he was taken into custody and questioned but was released two weeks later when a psychological screening saved he was fit to be released. If that is true those in positions above did act on the letter but he either tricked or lied his way out. We will just have to wait for more information.

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Hindsight and amateur psychiatry at work here, but instead of saying that the handicapped are a burden and should be eliminated, he volunteers to kill them himself and asks to be rewarded for it. It suggests that not only did he have a very warped world view, he was already about fantasizing about killing people to bring such world view about.

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Probably 99% of threat letters are trolls looking for attention but how many of these incidences will it take before the law wakes the funk up?

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I am fully aware that my remark is eccentric

Eccentric is not quite the right word, now is it....

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Love this sub-plot. The good old incompetence angle.

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Who knew, when did they know, and what did they do about it? If a letter as blatant as this is not treated seriously, how in the heck do the powers that be think that they can deal with international terror? Positioning ERT at the Sumida river fire works? Intel and acting on the intel...not after the fact which is so often the case in Japan.

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It seems like the authorities or police do not have a plan of action on this type of case. This should be taken seriously just like any bomb threats.

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LFRAgain, Reckless, RealCDN, Christopher Glen, dbsaiya, givemeabreak,

The letter was not ignored. It was turned over to police, and consequently Uematsu lost his job and was forcibly hospitalized.

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Yes, I saw that on the news last night. He was arrested and sent to a psychiatric facility for evaluation. Then he was released at some point later.

Something in the system failed somewhere, and I'd be inclined to say that failure occurred in a woefully inadequate mental healthcare system.

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