Libor scandal spotlight on Citi, JPMorgan


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Barclays has been fined $452 million - now your guess where the money will come form to pay this fine.

These bankers need to be taken to task individually and prosecuted for what they have done to the public. Nothing but theiving scum.

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why do these scandals continue to be exposed only one at a time?

is that part of the trickle down theory???

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$452 million? What a joke. These guys most likely made billions by manipulating the index.

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Where are the rating agencies? They rate it after the fact which means, it's a rigged system. They just got caught.

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The sins just got too obvious that they couldn't hide it, it was all in plain view.

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Only 5 comments on this massive financial collusion with massive worldwide impact!

Interesting that the usual posters on any and every topic re Japan's lack of ethic are just inexistent here!

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@open minded - yep. Isolated scandals can create avalanches of posts but the rich being allowed to rig the system and our governments doing NOTHING in the way of meaningful legislation doesn't seem to fire the imagination. This refusal to reign in the bankers with clearer legislation after 2008 is a clear signal that our governments are terrified of upsetting them and they may flock away if we are nasty to them.

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