Life prison term to be finalized for Peruvian man for killing 6


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Good, let him spend the rest of his life in prison. He is definitely a troubled individual.

He is very fortunate to spend it in a Japanese prison that is relatively clean, modern, and orderly, unlike the hellish prisons of Peru.

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The defense called for him to be acquitted due to his mental state.

Thankfully the defense lost, but I also question the "life-imprisonment" as well. Personally speaking here, if it was this obvious that he was mentally ill at the time of the crimes, he should be placed in the proper hospital for treatment, and THEN afterwards, if cured, no matter how many years it takes, be tried at THAT time for the crimes committed. If never, then so be it!

I know it's not feasible, but treating the illness first, then getting them to accept and acknowledge their crimes, would be a better way of having justice served and provide closure for the families as well.

Just throwing him in jail, without him actually understanding or knowing the why, is not going to help the families get any answers. (Again just my opinion here!)

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Yubaru, curing him is a waste of tax money. Because he would still go to jail and society would not want him. And if he is cured, he would not even want to live with himself considered what he did.

In my opinion is best to just put him out of his misery. Why bother with life sentences? To prolong suffering? Is not worth it.

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This NOT justice, it what we call a free ride.

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Agreed. Prisons should not be used as substitutes for forensic psychiatric hospitals. A lifetime inside a forensic unit, keeps society safe, while potentially yielding answers. In regular prisons there re usually 4+ people per cell for all kinds of reasons, (dope, theft, etc), and Japanese prisons are no picnic. But the ideal for prisons is reform, and mixing clinically insane prisoners in the same cell as three other guys who will be out over the next few years, does nothing to normalize them back into society.

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Under the current law, there’s no such thing as “life imprisonment“ in Japan. This Peruvian trash was sentenced to the imprisonment of an indefinite term. He will most likely get out after serving 10 or so years.

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Such a waste of everyone’s time and money, Society has nothing to gain from keeping this dangerous mass murderer. Hang him and be done.

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Fair enough. I'm against death penalty in such cases, where complete mental instability (what schizophrenia is) can be proven. It's not that he could help or prevent it, and society must protect itself without aplying crues punishment. Executing him would be a de-facto involuntary euthanasia.

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Hang this worthless child-killer from his neck until he expires. Extortionate waste of public money keeping such an animal alive.

Rest in Peace to the six innocent victims.

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I just wonder how surviving family members and affected local community gain a sense of closure. Though I know it's highly controversial, would it be possible to practice any neurosurgical treatment of a mental disorder?

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All I can say is that schizophrenia can make people become an entirely different person and they have no idea about their surroundings or what they are even doing. It’s like they’re in a dream and when wake up they have no recollection of what they did when they were in a manic state. No excuse for the murders but he should be medicated and then tried when he’s in a right state of mind.

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Point of death penalty is that you can avoid additional deaths in that case.

Nothing wille ever guarantee he won't snap again, ever.

Would you ever let a dog that bit savagely for no reason beside your child with owner saying it is all ok by now.

He may kill any prison employee/mate within a second.

Even if he doesn't know it himself, why risk even one another innocent death ? Would you bet your life he doesn't make a repeat ?

Crual for both the killer and especially the family victims.

We are talking about a rampage of 6 people horribly killed, not a single one second once unfortunate moment action...

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Put him down like the beast he is. Killing or abusing children is unforgivable. Although, I wouldn't mind his life sentence if his imprisonment conditions are the same as a death row inmates, that means little human contact and mental torture.

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I have a friend who is a nurse in a forensic psychiatric hospital here. She says that they are under orders to provide a rehabilitation plan for every patient.

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Good, let him spend the rest of his life in prison.

and the six people who he killed are now are ashes in Urns. He should share their fate.

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What purpose it is to keep him alive? Who will pay for his keep? An Eye for an Eye, tooth for a tooth, Life for a Life. See ya!!!

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Was his schizophrenia known or diagnosed prior to his murder spree? I give little credence to after-the-crime analysis because there is always the chance that clever individuals can say completely unverifiable things that lead to psychiatric conclusions relied upon in the courts. A few years ago, after stabbing to death a taxi driver in Yokosuka, the US sailor suspect claimed he was hearing voices. Was he really hearing voices? Or was he just saying things he thought or he sensed might get him relief from his impending doom? So I'd be more likely to agree with the appeals court in this Peruvian's case if his malady was diagnosed prior to the crimes, in which case his mental infirmity really may have impacted or eliminated the necessary mens rea for a murder conviction. If diagnosed afterwards, it may have only been concocted to avoid the rope.

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He really should swing.

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Thanks to the extra extra attention he’s going to be receiving on account of murdering six of them, I would not expect him to last too long in there. His life will be made such a living hell, he’ll likely decide himself to check out early.

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His brother was convicted of killing 25 in Peru, guess murder runs in the family.

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It's a very bad idea letting people off for being "schizophrenic" or something else. It'll only encourage other murderers to claim mental instability.

He didn't accidentally stab 6 people.

Death penalty it should be. I don't want to pay for his upkeep.

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The kind of person that sends opponents of the death penalty into hiding, to wrestle with the doubts that forever threaten to flip them.

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It's a very bad idea letting people off for being "schizophrenic" or something else.

If you think a life sentence is being "let off" volunteer to be a human zoo exhibit for the rest of your life.

Gaijinland gave a very good explanation of schizophrenia but I will add a bit. Everyone has had daydreams of murderous revenge. Its not even just when we are sleeping. All that is keeping you from acting out is conscious self control and awareness of the difference between your imagination and reality. Those can be lost while awake just as you lose them every single night you fall asleep. The dream mind never sleeps you know. Its always there. Its only your awake mind that turns on and off. Imagine if people's bodies did not sleep with it. I doubt any human would survive.

If he truly is schizo he should be put in a comfortable secure place. Imagine being held responsible for a dream you had one night. That's basically what is happening here.

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@ Vanessa

Why not take responsibility of your action ?

Society pays a high price leaving murderers living on.

I always put my self as the victim, because it is so convenient to say "peace to all", until the day it happens to you.

If you had to pay yourrelf all the expenses for the rest of the life of that murderer, would you pay to save his him ?

Say yes and you will be deemed as saint to my eyes as J-C.

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