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Life sentence for Chinese dumpling poisoner


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A scapegoat of the Chinese Communist government? The truth is shoved back into the closet.

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Weren't the Chinese executing people responsible for poisoning foods?

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In the picture preview, it looks like the cops are holding hands, so cute... and a bit weird

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Exactly the way I saw it too !

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The way the headline reads the dumplings were the victims.

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Sweet justice! If he were Japanese all he'd have to do is bow and apologize, or at worst retire to a comfortable job at the local City Hall with a massive golden parachute.

CrazyJoe: "A scapegoat of the Chinese Communist government?"

Ummm... a little paranoid, maybe?

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Did the Chinese government ever apologize after it adamantly blamed the Japan side for the poisoning?

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... and Chinese food products were taken off shelves in Japan out of safety worries.

And they should stay off the shelves.

Eating food from China is akin to playing Russian roulette. Cheap food is cheap for a reason.

You read that correctly. Enterprising men and women will go through dumpsters, trash bins, gutters and even sewers, scooping out liquid or solid refuse that contains used oil or animal parts. Then they process that into cooking oil, which they sell at below-market rates to food vendors who use it to cook food that can make you extremely sick.


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It's a bit too hard of a verdict isn't it? After all nobody was killed. The guy was disgruntled, now his life is ruined. But it's typical of the CCP to rule with iron fist and set examples for the rest of its population.

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@ House... Even though I haven't seen your link, I can only imagine what they sell for street food in China. But living in Japan, I have no problems buying food made in China because they must go through intense procedures/testing to make sure it is safe for the Japanese public. I am more concerned about my health with Japanese produced food sold domestically because they don't have as rigid testing as they do the imported foods. Especially after the nuclear meltdown, I go out of my way to buy imported food rather than domestic.

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It's a bit too hard of a verdict isn't it? After all nobody was killed.

But what are the permanent effects on their health for consumption of methamidophos, a class 1b, highly hazardous chemical?

What did he think would happen for taking a syringe and intentionally injecting this chemical into the food? If he did not think, then he is mental, and dangerously so. In that case I would support life in an institution. But what is the effective difference?

While no one was killed, life for attempted murder suits me just fine.

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Funny car I'm not saying he's harmless. Obviously he's quite a completely up responsible low-life. But still, life sentence is too hard of a punishment. There are intentional murderers who get less than that.

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I agree. It's not like he downloaded pirated movies or something!

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