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Life term finalized for ex-U.S. base worker who killed Okinawan woman


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Shinzato claimed he did not intend to kill the woman and his defense counsel argued that Shinzato's confession during police interrogation in which he admitted to murder was not credible.

You know I actually think he believes what he is saying here. "Yeah I stabbed her in the neck, strangled her, whacked her over the head with a steel pipe. I wasn't gonna kill her, I just wanted to get some, and she wouldn't cooperate" What else is a guy supposed to do?"

He should have been hung!

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He should have been hung!

I’m usually against capital punishment, so hope he can do a DIY in prison. But he lacks the intellect to either feel sorry or to plan it out. Calculate the money that’ll be saved by wasting him against keeping him alive (he’s young, so could be a while). Give that amount to her family or create a fund.

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Good news! He may be weeping in prison for many years.

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I don’t believe in the death penalty, but in such cases, 2 bowls of rice porridge and 2 umeboshi a day with 12 hours hard labor.

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He shouldn't be breathing air any more.

What gets me is that I applied for work to this company when I was in Okinawa last time,

and got passed up. I think I even saw this thing sitting in the office at one time....sickening.

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Not only the murder but this jerk added to the hatred of some Okinawans towards Americans. He deserves the maximum penalty.

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Im conflicted about death penalties as they have often pinned it on wrong person in past due to racism or lazy detective work. I also don't believe in the prison system as it does not reabilitate. I do not know this case but from comments he sounds like a predator to be so violent. I hope he gets what's coming to him sooner rather than later, let it be violent from the hands of an inmate or 3

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