Local gov’t employee arrested for shoplifting in Ishinomaki


Police in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, have arrested a 30-year-old employee of the Ishinomaki city government on suspicion of shoplifting at a supermarket.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 12:15 p.m. Sunday, Sankei Shimbun reported. Police said Shizuka Komori put nine items, including salad dressing and vegetables, worth about 2,500 yen, in an eco-bag. She then left the store without paying.

However, a security guard inside the store had observed her and followed her outside where he called out to the woman. When the woman started to run, she was detained by a passerby and the security guard

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I don't think this would make national news in a country like the US.

Imagine the headline in a National newspaper like USA today.

Local clerk in Nebraska arrested for shoplifting salad dressing and vegetables at the supermarket.

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 in an eco-bag

That's the important point, isn't it. Why would a person throw away a perfectly easy career with a guaranteed salary for salad dressing?

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Must have been really desperate.

But how come that city government officials have to go shop lifting?

With all the money (salary plus bonus) they get .... don't understand.

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Eons ago I worked in a supermarket while I was in high school. One day a lady in a full-length fur coat, who obviously had money, walked into the store, grabbed a can of beans off the shelf and walked back out the door to a waiting car. There was no point at all to reporting it to the management.

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Some simply enjoy the psychological high of getting something for free. Even my dog prefers the cat food neighbors leave out to his own bowl.

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It makes a change from the usual depressing stories about family murders, but really, why on earth is this newsworthy? Is it something to do with her being a local government employee?

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Some simply enjoy the psychological high of getting something for free.

Yep, remember Winona Ryder shoplifting all that clothes one time? She had the money, she didn't need to do that, but that's what kleptomaniacs do.

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@Burning Bush and Borscht - your comments are spot on for this one. I went to Ishinomaki a few times in 2011 and the people there suffered some real psychological distress. I wonder if this had anything to do with it. I remember people had to literally (and I mean literally) travel up to 6 hours round trip to go get food. Many in the inundation zone lost their cars and bicycles and had to walk really far to get basic necessities.

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