Luxembourg grabs 38 tons of counterfeit cigarettes


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so lots of customs officer, now work overtime to "destroy" these counterfeits? :p

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Kind of bizzare. If one has the money and staff to make 38 tons of cigarettes, why not just launch your own brand?

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38 tons of counterfeit cigarettes being flown into the European Union, likely from Dubai.

What you mean they dont know the departure point of this plane?

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smoke 'em if you got 'em!

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If one has the money and staff to make 38 tons of cigarettes, why not just launch your own brand?

Mostly taxes, they are very high in Europe and legal brands get checked from the production, no way to cheat. For instance, cigarettes sold in France have 80% of their price as taxes (officially to deter people from smoking), only 20% for the maker and sellers. In Luxembourg, they tax less (or nothing). So Luxembourg's main activity is selling illegally tax-free ciggies to residents of all nearby countries. Even in EU, the quantity you are allowed to buy is very low, but Lux custom never controls you, even if they see well that thousands of people get big cardboards from the shop 20 metres from the border. That's that kind of country. But as they don't produce tobacco there, and other countries have switched, long ago, to collect most of the taxes from the farm and factory, so Luxembourg's prices are no longer so much cheaper. Well, Dubai does not care, obviously. So you can get the ciggies there at production price, probably 15% of the production price in the EU, US, etc. And if you triple the price, they are still much cheaper that legal brands...

A tobacco company spokesman says Luxembourg authorities have seized 38 tons of counterfeit cigarettes

Gang war among the tobacco dealers.

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counterfeit cigarettes, I have no idea what a counterfeit cigarette is and or looks like and or even smokes like.

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A counterfeit cigarette looks like the real thing. It can also give you cancer just like the real thing.

Like the real thing, it also has a repellent smell and tastes disgusting and is unpleasant to most people near someone who is smoking one.

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38 tons!! If I cut down a bit those would have kept me going till next Christmas

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