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Maid cafe robber gets away with Y130,000 in Akihabara


Police said Monday that a maid cafe in Tokyo's Akihabara district was robbed of 130,000 yen on Sunday night.

According to police, the robbery took place at 8:30 p.m. at the Maid Dreamin cafe. TBS quoted police as saying that the man, who had been a customer, approached the register as if to pay his bill. Surveillance camera footage showed him pulling out a knife and grabbing the 25-year-old employee sales clerk by the collar. After forcing her to put all the cash from the till in a bag, the man ran out the emergency exit. The employee was shaken but unharmed, police said.

Police said the man stayed in the store under the guise of a regular customer for over an hour before approaching the register.

The suspect is said to be in his 20s, and roughly 170 cm tall. He was wearing a black suit and sunglasses.

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Glad she is ok and alive to tell sbout it. The details they sleays give in these stories are so vauge, that its pointless. They just discribed about a million guys around the world.

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The suspect is said to be in his 20s, and roughly 170 cm tall. He was wearing a black suit and sunglasses.

Well, that narrows it down then...

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i'm glad no one was hurt.

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top tip! sunglasses in autumn, in a café, in the afternoon? come on!!! he might as well walk around with a plaque around neck "I am upto no good"

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They have the tapes so it is only a matter of time before he turns himself in.

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Maids mustn't had given him good fanservice.

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I wonder if she was in on it too, i mean, maybe she and he planned it together, inside job. Possible?

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I hope the poor girl can put it behind her and carry on working. The worst these girls have to deal with is leering otaku I expect... this must have come as a massive shock.

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What is a "maid cafe?"

I wondered the same thing. Here's what I got by Googling "maid cafe"

Maid cafés (メイド喫茶 / メイドカフェ Meido kissa / Meido kafe?) are a subcategory of cosplay restaurants found predominantly in Japan. In these cafés, waitresses dressed in maid costumes act as servants, and treat customers as masters (and mistresses) in a private home, rather than as café patrons. The first permanent maid café, Cure Maid Café, was established in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan in March 2001, but maid cafés are becoming increasingly popular. As they have done so, the increased competition has made some use unusual tactics in order to attract customers. They have also expanded overseas to countries like China, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, France, Mexico, Canada and the United States

More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maid_caf%C3%A9

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Fadamor, you have no idea what a "maid cafe" is. I also can't believe people are asking what a "maid cafe" is on this site. Since words don't do just and I not going to explain "moe"..... http://en.rocketnews24.com/tag/maid-cafe/

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Tommy Lee Jones could better explain what Maid Cafe is! ;-)


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Somebody needs to read some manga... :P

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Goshujinsama got away with some serious cash! Anyway, they have him on camera, so hopefully they find him. Glad the staff are all okay.

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What is a "maid cafe" ?

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<-- never been to Japan, but I still know what a maid cafe is. Basically just a themed restaurant where the theme is "maid service" with your food. The US has a similar deal with Hooters restaurants where the theme is "beach bunny service" with your beer. Just a gimmick to bring in the customers.

Wearing sunglasses indoors means one of three things: 1.) just had the eyes dilated in an eye exam, 2.) failing miserably in trying to look cool, or 3.) trying to not be identified. I wonder how many maid cafe customers fall under category 2?

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