Malaysia arrests 7 Japanese men suspected of phone scam operation


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Another scammers from Japan? They did in Thai

also in Philippines

and now Malaysia. Japan really good in exporting scammers abroad now.

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These 7 idiots have landed themselves in very deep trouble, in the worst country in the world for the crimes they're facing, namely immigration violations and fraudulent-scamming......

Malaysia, together with Singapore, inflict the world's most vicious and sadistic corporal punishments on tens of thousands of criminals every year, which they call 'whipping'. These judicial punishments have been outlawed by the UN Committee for the prevention of cruel, degrading and unusual punishments, which have been totally ignored by these 2 countries for decades. How could these 7 Japanese nationals not have known how dangerous it would be to commit any crimes there ??

These places should be totally boycotted and ostracised by every country until they can abandon their vile punishment regimes, and rejoin the civilised world.

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Today 07:40 am JST

More than likely these 7 will be extradited back to Japan before they face the type of corporal punishment, especially since the Malaysian police were tipped off by the Japanese Embassy.

I'm not saying the Malay and Singaporean criminal justice system isn't draconian, but that's an internal issue having little to do with this report.

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good move.

scammer payback.

did you ever heard about Pierogi?

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I hope they get caned for six months, then sent back to Japan. "Vicious and sadistic corporal punishments on tens of thousands of criminals every year" sounds pretty good to me.

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Hopefully all of the scum cop some severe corporal punishment - and generally horrible conditions in prison. I bet most of their victims were old and vulnerable.

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I hope they spend rest of their life in jail. Scam is serious crime. It destroys people lives and some victims suicide.

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let them rot KL

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Whoa! Now Malaysia?

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If the LDP did a better job helping their citizens you'd see less people turning bad.

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Malaysian police said Monday they arrested seven Japanese men suspected of operating a phone scam that targeted citizens in their home country after raiding a condominium in Kuala Lumpur.

Gee, they're having a good run of luck cleaning up this scum of late.

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Why don't they just operate in Japan?

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Scamming is a non-violent crime that only hurts the pocketbook.

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Why don't they just operate in Japan

@Speed. Their chance to have a holiday in Malaysia

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When your own country snitches on you.

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Am I bad in thinking that people being contacted by "banks", on Skype, might maybe deserve some of the blame for falling for this, too?

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