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Malaysian police say Japanese man hanged himself in cell


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Either completely an open-and-shut case involving an out-of-control illegal foreigner or completely a cover-up with a trail leading to the highest levels of government. Choose your narrative.

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This J dude sounds very looney!! RIP??

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why wud a TOURIST commit suicide in a foreign police custody !! Sthz fishy !!

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Tourist often leave their brains at home, not only Japanese. I guess he couldn't handle the shame of face prison or perhaps comming back to Japan.

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why wud a TOURIST commit suicide in a foreign police custody !! Sthz fishy !!

reading is fundamental

why do you think he's a tourist? no evidence of legal entry found in passport, also detained because loony was playing knife fights with the coppers

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shame, mental instability, any number of other reasons.

why did he have a knife? was this part of something bigger, or was he just a lone wacko?

But More To The Point--

The cops are either grossly negligent by providing means to suicide (confiscating belts and shoelaces in the US is standard, as is having no exposed "things" in the room to hang yourself with in the cell. OR they killed him and this is a cover up.

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Malaysia. Corruption starts at the highest level, and at all levels. Death in police custody and in prison is quite common. Many of these deaths are cover up as suicides.

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I swear, all Japanese people are taught in junior high or something how to make a noose from anything. You see this so much in the news here about a suspect in custody hanging themselves from almost nothing, like the Amagasaki lady.

As for people saying "it's fishy", it's not at all. Japanese society sees suicide as a semi-noble "way out" of a bad or seemingly hopeless situation. He obviously had a lot against him: wielding a knife against police and a suspicious passport. I think many people would at least contemplate committing suicide if the other option is being locked up in a foreign prison. Watch a couple of episodes of "Locked Up Abroad" to see some horror stories.

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OrangeXenon54Jun. 12, 2013 - 12:07AM JST

Japanese society sees suicide as a semi-noble "way out" of a bad or seemingly hopeless situation.

I beg to differ. First, back in the day, it was not a way out of a bad or seemingly hopeless situation, it was a way to take responsibility and save face by honorably taking one's own life as opposed to living in shame.

Second, no 33 year old in this day an age in Japan knows anything about honour or pride. The only thing important to them is themselves, so if this truly was a suicide, he was probably just trying to avoid the suffering that he no doubt was told he would experience for a long time for the crime(s) he committed, or possibly any additional crimes he committed that were going to be exposed (considering the suspicious passport, and the reason why he was trespassing to begin with, it's possible he was guilty of additional crimes)

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