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Male nurse arrested over stalking; bomb materials found at his home


Police in Tokyo on Thursday arrested a 32-year-old male nurse on stalking charges after he allegedly sent messages to a female acquaintance pressuring her to date him. Bomb-making materials such as gunpowder were also found in his home, police said.

Shuhei Kotani, 32, who lives in Setagaya Ward, is suspected of harassing a 28-year-old woman, TBS reported. The woman told police that after kotani made advances to her last November, she asked him not to contact her again, but he sent numerous messages to her from November until the end of December, in which he wrote, "I want you to date me" and "Listen to what I have to say."

A police investigation of Kotani's home found gunpowder and small bottles.

Kotani was quoted by police as saying, "If I can't date her, then I want to die," TBS reported.

Kotani had already been arrested on Jan 2 after he was caught red-handed trying to forcibly enter the woman's apartment by breaking a window. Kotani had a hammer with him at the time, police said.

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Good work J police. Lock this guy up.

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It's no wonder the birth rate in Japan is decreasing. Trying to find a suitable partner nowadays is like playing the psycho lottery. It's not so surprising why so many are choosing to stay single.

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Why do so many resort to violence or suicide if they are snubbed. Grow up and move on.

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Kotani was quoted by police as saying, “If I can’t date her, then I want to die,” TBS reported.

How much do you want to bet he had an idea of who he wanted to predecease him as well. Keep him in the can for a long, long time. Do not let him out with a warning because this woman is not safe if he is free.

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I just hope the cops keep tabs on him, and follow-up with the girl after he is released.

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A pride issue maybe? Japanese men have a huge complex when it comes to being unable to date due to rejection.

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Coward like this rarely dispatch themselves and it is usually the poor female who gets the short end of the stick. If you wanted to end your life why would you be messing around with fun powder and bottles. He intentions were to do something to her and certainly not himself. Well done to the cops for finally doing something about a complaint before something serious happened. Good job! Hope the nutter stays locked up for quite sometime and becomes somebody's nurse inside, he is surely qualified!

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