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Man's body found in refrigerator in garden of abandoned house in Ibaraki


Police in Hitachi, Ibaraki Prefecture, are investigating the discovery of a man's body inside a refrigerator that was left in the garden of an abandoned house.

According to police, the body was found just after noon on Sunday. Fuji TV reported that a man doing landscape work at the abandoned residence situated in Shimodogiuchi-cho, called 110 after making the startling discovery. He was quoted by police as saying, “I thought it was strange when I spotted a bicycle and a fridge in the garden. I went over to check it out and saw the corpse in the fridge.”

Police said the man appeared to have been in the two-meter-high refrigerator for about one week. The victim had a driver's license in his pocket, identifying him as a 50-year-old man from Saitama Prefecture.

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People have died after climbing into fridges before. It's usually kids but maybe he was seeking shelter?

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This isn't the whole story. The TV news was reporting that there were signs that this man was living inside the fridge. It's still bizarre, but perhaps it was a homeless person who wanted some shelter in a place no one would think to look?

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I assume the refrigerator was unplugged since in the garden and at an abandoned house. The smell could not of been too good and the shock of a person cramed inside even worse. But are there any signs of a murder or struggle? Maybe it wad a suicide? Why would a bicycle of been there? Was he single with no kids? Did he have a job? No one reported him missing?

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What a creepy incident! Very bizarre case. Hope police catch a psychotic killer ASAP.

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So Sad way to end I hope they catch the Culprit and given a decent send off

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