Man abducts high school girl, demands ransom from mother


A 49-year-old man from Yokkaichi has been arrested for allegedly abducting a high school girl and demanding ransom money from her mother, police said Monday.

According to police, the man, who has been named as 49-year-old Takuya Inoue, is believed to have accosted the girl, with whom officers say he was acquainted, in a shopping district at around 11 p.m. on Saturday, Fuji TV reported. He is then alleged to have forced the girl to call her mother, at which point he reportedly threatened to drown the girl in Yokkaichi Harbor if she did not give him 1.1 million yen.

The ordeal lasted for around two hours and resulted in Inoue being apprehended. Police said Inoue was drunk at the time of his arrest.

Officers say they believe Inoue became acquainted with the girl through her part-time job at a restaurant.

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Wow, these kind of news just seem to be the norm lately! What is happening to Japan and what will it take for them to wake up?!

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Wow, these kind of news just seem to be the norm lately! What is happening to Japan and what will it take for them to wake up?!

Not really. When was the last time this happened? Crime rates are still ridiculously low compared to most of the rest of the world.

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How did he get cought?

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I was thinking it was probably an act of desperation (though somoene could say I'm jumping to conclusions). There has been a couple of incidents (not sure if it was all mentioned here) where older folks were trying to rob places cuz they had no money. This particular guy didn't rob but he was trying to take money.

Crime rates might be "ridiculously low" compared to the rest of the world but from the articles I read and see on TV, it seems like the crime rate is increasing big time here. It's just my opinion. I have no statistics...

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Wow, these kind of news just seem to be the norm lately! What is happening to Japan and what will it take for them to wake up?!

Yes, this case seems different from the recent norm: female teenager meets older salaryman through a deai site, proceeds to meet up and then blackmail him with the help of her boyfriend.

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People have been getting grabbed left and right this past month or so.

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They were probably working together.

How did "accost" her and why didn't she run away.

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She was in on it. 1.1 million is an odd number. They were planning something specific.

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The young lady works in the area, had seen the perp at her job. Obviously she is making her own money and probably wouuld not need to rob her family. No, I think this guy acted on his own accord, he probably owes money to the Yakuza syndicate.

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Maybe she was in on it.

But 1.1 million is not an odd number. Maybe it's exactly what he owed to the yaks. Maybe it's what he needed to buy the thing he wants. Maybe it's what he owes bolus .1 million for himself...

Who knows...

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Do people actually think that there is no crime in Japan? Get real folks, stupid stuff happens here too!

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I bet they've "dated" before this. "Compensated dating" is very popular. She wanted a new Louis Vuitton bag, and he needed to pay off some gambling debts. You can see them talking about it after the "date". "Hey, my parents have a lot of money, and I'd like to get even with them, so..."

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BTW, he was drunk and she couldn't get away? Sounds a little more fishy.

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UPDATE: The high school girl and man were in on the plan together.

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"How did he get caught?"

"Police said Inoue was drunk"

whiskey - Where'd you get the update? And could the girl be that dumb?

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"I told you so"...and the only info I had was this article.

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There is no confirmation or even any report to that effect.

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I am sorry to hear of this sad act and i am also sad to see people posting with some rather angry suspicions about the poor victim, the young girl whose only crime was working hard at a challenging job. Lets be nice people. thank you JT for sharing this and for the happy outcome.

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we need better protection for children in this country

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we need better protection for children in this country

Pfft! This was a teenager old enough to be working part-time. At SOME point you have to let them operate on their own without you looking over their shoulder every waking minute of the day. All you can do is raise them properly and when they start to "leave the nest", trust them to do the right thing. Otherwise your teenager is going to end up just like the princess - scared of every "rowdy" boy becauce she's been constantly sheltered by her guardians.

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I don't think the crime rate is that impressive, the difference is that this article would not make to the national news. Might make to the local news and most likely the suspect would be sent home with a cop saying "cut down on the sake".

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ohh sure i was drunk, we stop that being an alibi along time ago no one is buying that store. I think Japan needs to stop drinking or being so repressed that it has to come up after a few drinks. they are like the Vulcans that cant control there emotions. mada mada dane.

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