Man accused of mass murder at facility for mentally disabled people to admit to charges


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*arguing Uematsu was not mentally competent to bear responsibility for his acts *due to the effects of marijuana.


It would be fascinating to know how Uematsu felt about that defense.

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'effects of marijuana'... So, I guess that means that Canada recently legalized marijuana in the hopes that it would lead to an increased number of mass murders of helpless victims? Such a ridiculous defence would be proposed only in Japan.

Accepts an insanity plea to reduce his sentence? This decision on his part provides clear evidence of rational thinking, so therefore he is not insane. Hang him high.

I recommend that he be executed 19 times.

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 Such a ridiculous defence would be proposed only in Japan.

And Taiwan, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia . . . and so on.

That statement and the below create irony:

I recommend that he be executed 19 times.

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To me, as a person with family members with disabilies, this idiot is the worst criminal in my lifetime. One of the few times that I cried after hearing the news.

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" . . . Uematsu was not mentally competent to bear responsibility for his acts due to the effects of marijuana."

Really? That's kind of like claiming marijuana is a performance enhancing drug and should be banned from sports.

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I'd be very interested to know how they can prove this loon's mass-murder was in any way, shape or form related to marijuana use. There is no doubt this loon's insanity was present long before he even started using pot. Attempting to blame this mass-murder on pot use is no different to the "I was drunk and don't remember" excuse. In fact, it's a more beleivable defense.

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Uematsu said he does not want to blame marijuana but is leaving his defense strategy up to his lawyers.

It'll be accepted because it gives the police a license to crack down on it. They've not much better to do and need to justify their salaries after all.

He should be assessed by a psychiatrist to determine if he truly is psychotic. To be honest though, he doesn't seem deluded as might be the case were he schizophrenic and seems perfectly aware of what he did

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A perfect case to support the death penalty.

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"Those who have disabilities, severe enough as to prevent communication, are not people."

Really? As 2020 nears and people like him exists?, You know what? I think Uematsu doesn't deserve to live either.

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