Man acquitted over cryptomining program that used site visitors' PCs


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The Yokohama District Court ruled that it would be "excessive" to punish the 31-year-old website designer, who was indicted for operating the Coinhive program without the knowledge or permission of people visiting his site, saying that the program could not be considered a computer virus.

I would prefer free Ads website too but people who create content want to have something in return. This kind of mining is just another way.

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what a free ad , free is expensive

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Hahaha, is this the best they could come up with?

their computers were being used, increasing their electricity usage.

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I can understand how this did not result in a guilty verdict. Browsers are containers in which javascript is run. Anytime you visit a website, you are downloading a number of scripts that run in your browser (with the exception of the very few websites that don't use javascript). Much javascript is written poorly, and adds processing to your computer. Much javascript is run in the background, and serves no purpose to the end user, but provides the developer with information for stats etc.

This guy ran a script that used processing power in the user's browser, and sent back information to himself, but the information was not private information about the user, but rather the results of the cryptocurrency mining. So there isn't really anything they could find him guilty of. If they found him guilty of adding processing to user's computers, that would mean any website with poorly written javascript would suddenly be open to prosecution.

There wasn't really anything they could find him guilty of I don't think.

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The internet is still the wild west.

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Gross and backwards overreach by the prosecutors. The guy absolutely nothing wrong, but the new world of crypto seemed to provoke an instinctive anti-technology reaction from the police. There were no laws broken at all, yet they still tried to prosecute him. Totally irresponsible behavior. Why is it that they seem to work so hard at repressing anything new that they don't like or understand? May as well arrest Google execs for putting cookies in my computer.

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I've had and still have viruses. I don't care so much as I have no money and nothing to hide...but the time and effort to fix costs me time and money. I had to throw away 2 laptops, buy antivirus software, pay ¥30000 for recovery. All for nothing. But they got nothing. Just wasted my time.

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does that mean that I can sue YouTube for showing me ads that I didn't give consent to? it is wasting my time and sometimes makes me hungry and force me to eat food and get fat. the ads are costing me too much time and money

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