Man admits to murder after being refused loan by acquaintance


A 54-year-old man turned himself in to police in Bando City, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Wednesday, saying that he had killed an acquaintance. Police confirmed the man's story, finding the body of a man inside a house made from a steel cargo shipping container. The victim, who was found lying face down with head injuries, was identified as 58 year-old Hiro Matsumoto, who lived in the house.

Police said the suspect, unemployed local resident Akiyoshi Aoki, said he killed Matsumoto because he refused to lend him money. "I just snapped and killed him," Aoki was quoted as saying.

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Damn! I know this economic lull we are in is very troubling but this shite is getting ridiculous. Please correct me if I'm wrong but is seems that "an unemployed man" is killing someone daily.

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Damn...RIP man.

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How much money does a man living in a shipping container have to lend out do you think?

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What an awful story.

I wouldn't lend money to an acquaintance even if they promised to pay it back.

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At least they almost always turn themselves in.

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Accused said: “I just snapped and killed him,”... ! And would recomend: put him behind the bars for life, and than he will be employed as full time. He was unemploeyd after all!

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