Man arrested after bodies of wife, son found in car trunk


Police in Tomakomai, Hokkaido, have arrested a man on suspicion of killing his wife and son and dumping their bodies in the trunk of a car.

According to police, the man, who has been named as 55-year-old Shinichi Nakamura, is accused of dumping the bodies of his 42-year-old wife, Rie, and his 10-year-old son, Hibiki, in the trunk of a car on Sunday at around 10 a.m., Fuji TV reported.

Police say the discovery was made after the man's mother filed a missing person's report. Nakamura's mother has been unable to contact any member of the family since March 4.

At the time of their discovery, Rie was dressed, while Hibiki was wearing his pajamas, police said. Nakamura was quoted by police as saying he put them in the car, Fuji reported.

Police say Nakamura has intimated that he was responsible for their deaths, but has not yet made a full confession. Police are currently investigating the circumstances leading up to the deaths in order to establish a motive.

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Sick bastard!

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Yes!! This is one sick! Sick bastard, time to let him hang! RIP wife and son.

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Damn,... they starting to get multiple. Like I said before, it's everyday that JT publishes these types of news. This time I agree with ELBUDA, this is one sick individual. Why stick them in a trunk? and who found them? Was it the stench that gave away or was it the guilt? Either way, I hope no one buys that car in the'd never be riding alone.

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Tomakomai, the Venice of Hokkaido.

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I look forward to more details. 1) He killed them and placed them in the trunk 2) His family was killed as a lesson to him and he placed them in the trunk 3) ????

And I like the fact that it was his mother who filed the missing persons report. Shows she was concerned about the DIL and grandchild (or at least one of them).

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Tomakomai, the Venice of Hokkaido.



Police are currently investigating the circumstances leading up to the deaths in order to establish a motive.

Police are currently working on getting a full confession from the Nakamura.
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Jeez this man is really sick in the head. Most men would instinctually want to take care of their offspring but I guess he just couldn't handle having a wife and child or did he have a fling with some younger than his wife woman and thought he could press a reset button on life?

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Police are currently working on getting a full confession...

I'm not to keen on the idea of prisoner's rights in Japan, the police always seem to get a confession. But in this case it seems they are probably right. I wonder what twists this will take before we hear the whole thing.

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It seems that sometimes decent people are let die to prove the ill quality of others.

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"I just put them in the car"...yeah okay...whatever.

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The death penalty is too kind in a horrible crime like this.

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So with bodies and recovered evidence, they still need a confession? Confessions are just as bad (unreliable) as eye witnesses accounts in establishing facts.

Gather and prove the evidence matches up with him doing it. You know, materials, fibers, splatter, cuts, bruises. Things which can't be explained away with, "oh, we had an argument".

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Tomakomai, the Venice of Hokkaido.


Either you haven't been to Otaru or you haven't been to Venice.

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cactus - it may be too kind. But not doing it is in essance, penalizing the general public. Too many people pay for too many people to live in a box for the rest of their lives. Too much money from good people, who don't kill others and have to pay taxes, is spent on keeping sick animals (not claiming this man is guilty... yet) alive for far too long. Personally, if you feel the need to take someone else's life, you shouldn't be allowed to keep your own.

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I dont know. He may not have done it. Until they say the cause of death we cant say. They mother may have killed the son and the mother may have taken her own life. The husband could be trying to cover for the wife's reputation. There are many things that could have happened.

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