Man arrested after body of 84-year-old mother found in apartment


Police in Yokohama have arrested a 62-year-old man on suspicion of abandoning the body of his mother at their apartment.

According to police, Tsutomu Iwata told them his 84-year-old mother died of natural causes on Nov 9 at their apartment in Isogo Ward, Sankei Shimbun reported. He said he left his mother’s body covered by a futon in her bedroom.

The body was found on Thursday morning when Iwata’s two younger sisters came over for a visit.

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“He said he left his mother’s body covered by a futon in her bedroom” - So he could continue to collect her pension.

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How many people are living with corpses in this country!?

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I read quite often about people leaving a dead body in a room, I don't know if any one has been near or in a room and has smelt a decomposing body, believe me its not pleasant, I've been on a friend farm when there has been a dead cow or sheep in a field, its a smell that you never forget. I am surprised that no one complained about the smell/odour emanating from a flat/room.

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@ jcjapan - all the ones that lived with their parents and never got a job because they were too lazy and became dependent on that pension

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@ Brian - I've seen and smelt it. I couldn't see any of the cow, just the squirming mass of maggots, there were so many you could actually hear the sound

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I always feel that people live with corpses like that to collect the pension, but you have to think there's something a little wrong mentally with someone who would do that

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I work in forensics and have seen many situations like this. And it always astounds me as to how can people eat and sleep in the same house with a dead body rotting, swelling up and leaking out all that rotting on the inside of the corpse. I've seen a lot worse and the reasoning is always the same. Japan needs to set up some kind of free hotline where people can call and get information as to what to do in these situations.

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