Man arrested after hitting neighbor with a baseball bat


Police in Nakaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, said Friday they have arrested a 42-year-old man for assaulting his neighbor with a baseball bat.

According to NTV, the victim, a 64-year-old-man, was taking a walk near his home at around 6:30 a.m. Thursday when his neighbor, Katsuhiro Yoshikawa, attacked him with a baseball bat. The victim suffered injuries to his head and arms, police said.

According to the victim's family, Yoshikawa lives right next to them and they have been having multiple disputes.

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Love thy neighbor? It's odd that, most Japanese don't even know their neighbors, but many of those that do seem to go to war against them.

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This guy needs a lesson in anger management.

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Knowing the Japanese, probably the result of silently putting up with all manner of bizarre situations throughout their entire lives.

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We had the proverbial neighbor from hell before the cops gave him a good talking to. Highly recommended.

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"Knowing the Japanese, probably the result of silently putting up with all manner of bizarre situations throughout their entire lives." Yeah a friend of mine had a very unneighborly neighbor in Tokyo, he said he called the aftermath officers many times and they seemed to not care unless something happen. They always asked him did something happen, and he said no. .....BUT he told them that the neighbor was would give him mean looks, and he suspected this neighbor of breaking his service light, posting a Uyoku dantai sign on the street light post next to his house. The aftermath officers removed the sign...and stated they would patrol....but the neighbor kept his unneighborly activities up. So I could also see how such a situation could reach "thermal runaway".

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When you or the neighbours stop respecting the 'wa' it can be absolutely hellish. In my first year here I had an insane person in the apartment above me who used to scream at 2 a.m., drop what I thought were bowling balls (I never actually found out), or play electric guitar at top volume. I knocked on his door two or three times to ask him to cut it out and he turned up the volume on his guitar. The one time I saw him outdoors on his way somewhere I tried to talk to him and he ran away, and that night when I got home I found my door had been kicked twice.

So, I went to the police. Instead of doing anything about it they started asking me about my bicycle registration number, etc., until one came out and looked at my name and said his son knew me. After that they were MUCH more civil, but in the end could only politely suggest I move somewhere else, as my landlady had done. Fortunately the guy upstairs ended up moving, and when he did my landlady told me aside that the guy had literally destroyed the room. When I moved into a bigger apartment a while later they ended up renovating it completely into a one apartment with upstairs and down.

If he had not left I don't know what I would have done. I certainly don't think I would have gone after him with a bat or anything like that, but it was extremely frustrating.

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Just because the "victim" says all he was doing was walking does not make it true. They could have been quarreling when on picked up a rock and started swinging it, then the other reached into his genkan for the bat. Long standing dispute here. Handle with care and wait for the defendant's side of the story.

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So you're just walking on a casual day in your friendly neighborhood, la la la la la and WHAM! you get hit with a baseball bat. Dont get hit with a baseball bat, settle disputes with your neighbors. Then direct with direct t.v. lol

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