Man arrested after keeping body of mother at home for 10 months


Police in Suzaka, Nagano Prefecture, have arrested a 67-year-old man after he kept the body of his mother in their house for 10 months after her death.

Yoshiaki Komamura, a part-time worker, was arrested on Tuesday, Sankei Shimbun reported. On Monday afternoon, he went to the police station and said that his mother had gone without saying anything. Later that day, police visited his home and found the remains of his mother.

Police said Komamura told them that his mother died of natural causes last April. They are also investigating to see if Komamura had been receiving his mother’s pension.

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'They are also investigating to see if Komamura had been receiving his mother’s pension.' Of course he was receiving her pension. Why else would somebody live with the rotting corpse of their mother? Oh I know, he didn't know what to do and/or funerals are too expensive.

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He defended himself by saying "she has always been a homebody."

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She hadn't 'gone', she had 'gone off'. Green meat.

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How much must Nissan pay the Japanese court to file this claim? That figure is based on the amount plaintiff seeks.

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many norman bates are alive in japan

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